Irresponsible son who’s causing grief to his mother earns Raffy Tulfo’s wrath

Irresponsible son who’s causing grief to his mother earns Raffy Tulfo’s wrath

A mother will do everything in her power to help her child – even if that means showing some tough love. This is the reason why a distraught mother named Annie Gavino consulted public announcer Raffy Tulfo to discipline her irresponsible son.

While speaking to Raffy Tulfo on his program, the distressed mother from Nueva Ecija told the cause of her dilemma: her 27-year-old son named Ariel Gavino. Aside from being verbally abusive, the mother already had enough of her son’s lazy habits.


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Aside from being unemployed, the irresponsible son hitches on his mother’s back. For months now, he kept jumping from work to work, causing visible distress to his mother. Yet instead of being grateful, he is verbally abusive towards his family.

According to the mother, Ariel’s frustrations is rooted from his separation with his young daughter. In turn, he takes his anger out on his poor mother. He blames her for not being to support his own daughter as well. His disabled brother did not escape his wrath too.

As the program progressed, Raffy Tulfo furrowed his brow to show that he didn’t like what he heard. When they finally talked to the irresponsible son, he had several weak alibis to excuse his behavior. However, our trusted public announcer was not having any of them.

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Later on, the mother revealed that she suspects her son is using illegal drugs. Although he hasn’t yet caught him in the act, words spread quickly in their area. After hearing this, Raffy Tulfo set into action and threatened the irresponsible son to change, or else he will be getting a ‘visit’ from the Philippine National Police operatives.

Yet instead of apologizing, Ariel even had the audacity to lash out at his mother! How will this matter be resolved? Will the irresponsible son finally come to his senses?

To watch the resolution of this episode, check out this video below:

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