Girlfriend catches boyfriend-slash-baby daddy with another woman

Girlfriend catches boyfriend-slash-baby daddy with another woman

Facebook cheating stories are very hard to miss. It’s as if there is at least one furious girlfriend every week or so who takes her rage and posts it on the social media site. We can’t really blame them. Yesterday, another scorned girlfriend shared a snap of her man with another girl.

In the photo, a man is seen holding hands with another woman.

According to the Facebook user, this didn’t come as a surprise since her boyfriend is a serial cheater. Throughout the course of their six-year relationshipyup, you read that one right, six long years — her boyfriend had cheated on her over and over again. Obviously, she keeps on forgiving him. But maybe the same thing can’t be said this time around.

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“6th yr anniversary natin dapat ngayon eh. So ‘yan ‘yung regalo mo? Hahahaha. Bago mo ‘yan? Bat mukang luma? Hahahaha. Once a cheater always a cheater.”

Not only were they an item for six years, they also have a one-year-old child together. Yikes. Moreover, according to the netizen, their son was actually ill when the photo was taken.

“Buti pa sya nakakasama mo? Yung anak mo kaya kilala ka pa kaya? Alam mong may sakit anak mo ngayon ni presensya ng kaluluwa mo wala!!!”

The father also allegedly fails to financially support their child.

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“Panindigan mo yang ginagawa mo ha pati sa anak mo di ka makapagsustento ng ayos tapos ganyan pa? Wag na wag ka talagang papakita na samen wag mo kong subukan this time.”

The post has now garnered more than 18,000 reactions and almost 9,700 shares from equally furious Facebook users. Read some of their comments below.

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Read her full post below:


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