VIRAL: Video Ng Isang Babaeng Nagdebut, Pina-iyak Ang Marami Dahil Sa Kanyang Sayaw Kasama Ang Kanyang Ama

VIRAL: Video Ng Isang Babaeng Nagdebut, Pina-iyak Ang Marami Dahil Sa Kanyang Sayaw Kasama Ang Kanyang Ama

With the help of the internet, we have seen adorable and inspiring stories from different people. Some of them have melted our hearts while some made us shed a tear. These kinds of stories definitely brighten our day and lighten our mood. Just like a debutante’s viral video where she danced with her father who has a disability. Their story will definitely move you and can make you realize how lucky you are.

Facebook user Daisy Laurente Carso uploaded their video which touched the hear of many netizens. 

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In the clip, the debutante sobbed as she waited for her father who somehow struggled to stand. According to Daisy, the debutante’s father didn’t really want to dance his daughter, for the fear that people might laugh at him for his condition. Thankfully, she and their family convinced him to be proud of who he is and to do it for his daughter.

Even though the debutant’s family isn’t rich, her father did everything to give his daughter a decent celebration. Wearing her red gown, the young lady wiped her tears as she hugged her loving father. She also gave him a wide smile as a sign of how proud she is with her dad.

People in the background were also emotional in the touching event. Some of them even wiped their tears as they watched the sweetest 18th birthday “last dance” they have ever seen.

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Netizens can’t help but express their feelings as well. Some of them became emotional as they salute the hard-working father. According to them, he didn’t use his disability to avoid his responsibilities as a dad. People on the internet were amazed by his dedication to his family and were happy to see their wonderful moment.  They praised him and stressed that people should be like him towards their families.


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