Election 2018: Father and daughter in Baguio City sport their native attire

Election 2018: Father and daughter in Baguio City sport their native attire

Today, May 14, millions of Filipinos all over the country are exercising their right to vote. This time a new set of barangay officials will be in their office for the next three years. As concerned citizens of the country, everyone is hoping a fair and honest barangay election.

Among the early birds who cast their votes on their designated precincts this morning are Nicholas “Bong” Cawed and Mia. Sporting their traditional Cordillera costume, the father and daughter immediately caught the attention of many.

On the report of ABS-CBN, they mentioned that Cawed and Mia are both voters in one precinct in Baguio City. Cawed explained that wearing their traditional attire is a way for them to showcase their culture.

“Dapat maging proud tayo sa traditional attire ng Bontoc, hindi dapat ikahiya.

Flaunting his tattoos on his arms and chest, Cawed explained these symbols hold an important meaning for them.

“That is the tattoo for a tribal leader in our tribe, Bontoc.”

Based on the source, Mia, Cawed’s eldest daughter turns out to be one of the candidates this election. She is running as a councilor in Barangay Greenwater in Baguio City.

“I want to have power. I want to impart my knowledge,”

As expected, their fellow voters lauded and admired their passion and dedication to showcase their culture.

Even their fellow tribe member, Judith Kelly from Bontoc commended them for being proud of their native attire.

“Masaya ako makita ko sila na ganu’n kasi Igorot din ako.” 

Today marks the fourth time the father and daughter cast their votes in their native attire. They announced that they are planning to continue doing this even in future elections.

Their inspiring story gains lots of positive comments from the netizens. Read some of their comments below:


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