Jopay, Rochelle, Sugar and fellow “Eat Bulaga!” dancers: Where are they now?

Jopay, Rochelle, Sugar and fellow “Eat Bulaga!” dancers: Where are they now?

You must remember the famous chant of “get, get aww!” from “Eat Bulaga’s” popular girl group. This all-female entourage was also hailed as the best-selling Philippine female group of all time! Aside from their impressive singing and dancing career, the [redacted] Dancers was also known for starring in various television shows like GMA-7’s “Daisy Siete.”

Today, many of their fans are wondering of what has happened to this group’s members. Luckily, there’s the ever-handy Internet to keep us updated with our favorite idols.

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First off is the beautiful Jopay. Last December 2017, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl with her famous husband, Joshua Zamora. Today, the first-time parents are  busy as they take care of their eight-month-old daughter. They also upload photos of their baby Isabella on their social media which makes her fans squeal in delight!

Aifha Medina is next on our list. After being a member in 2007-2010, this former member is now busy as she takes care of her family. Aifha married a Chinese businessman named Giovanni Cheng and gave birth to her beloved daughter Athalia.

After her showbiz career which lasted from 2001 to 2010, Evette Pabalan is also living the time of her life with her family. Married to Rossel Arenas Onayan, the former dancer decided to reside in Canada together with their loving daughter.

Sugar Mercado is also one of the most loved members of the group.  On her Instagram, she frequently uploads photos of herself and her adorable daughters, Gabrielle and Olivia. Recently, she was given an opportunity to become part of Willie Revillame’s “Wowowin.

Next is the proud mom, Weng Ibarra, who became part of the group for nine long years. After her career, she became a freelance dancer for various events. Weng is also a hands-on mom with her daughter Annastacia.

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Izzy Trazona is also a proud mom of two from her former partner, Alvin Aragon.  She also became an assistant manager at a medicine store. Izzy has been a member of the group for 10 years.

Last but definitely not the least is Rochelle Pangilinan, who married Arthur Solinap. On her Instagram, the 36-year-old dancer recently announced her first pregnancy with her husband.

This all-female group has always been adored by their fans. Even though they don’t have any TV appearance anymore, they still update their fans through social media. After their successful career, they are now conquering their own lives with their respective partners.

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