Babala: Kung Lulusong Sa Baha Ay Mas Mabuting Mag-ingat Lalo Pa’t Malapit Sa Poste

Babala: Kung Lulusong Sa Baha Ay Mas Mabuting Mag-ingat Lalo Pa’t Malapit Sa Poste

The Philippines is prone to natural calamities. Being in a region wherein earthquakes and typhoons frequently occur, Filipinos are expected to know ways to stay safe in times like these. But despite all the preparations and constant reminders, there are some cases wherein unfortunate situations happen.

In this recent viral video uploaded on Facebook, it clearly showed us that we should always be mindful of our surroundings whenever we are facing environmental disturbances, most especially now that another tempest is expected to land this week.

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On Facebook, an actual footage showed a man who received an electric shock from a street post. Although it didn’t happen in the Philippines, it clearly raised awareness and an important reminder that we must stay away from any electrical equipment in a flooded area.

As seen in the clip, the man was walking in a knee-deep flooded area. While he was striding through the murky water, he spotted a street post and decided to get a grip for support. However, as soon as he held onto the street post, the man immediately lost his balance and consciousness.

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Meanwhile, a man witnessed what happened to him and attempted to lend a hand. But as soon as he touched the exact street post, he also fainted and fell to the water. Then, there was another man who saw the unfortunate event. Unfortunately, he also committed the same exact mistake of the previous men.

Luckily, a resident from a nearby house witnessed what happened and, finally, he was able to help the three.

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