#SayTeeth: Dentistry students show us how to be resourceful on Facebook

#SayTeeth: Dentistry students show us how to be resourceful on Facebook

In truth, a lack of resources might not be the true constraint but rather lack of resourcefulness. Fair enough, a resourceful person can immediately see a hidden opportunity when most people find it only as a mere obstacle. Just take Roi Alporha and his fellow friends as an example.

Based on the trending narrative taken from his Facebook account, this dentistry student, who is currently pursuing his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Centro Escolar University (CEU), shared how he was able to gather all his dental patients, as a school requirement, amid numerous struggles.

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Instead of giving up against the daunting requirement, he and his fellow friends found a solution with the help of laminated placards. So, as a result of this impressive idea, he and his fellow friends were able to meet the unthinkable requirement.

“Nagpagawa kami ng laminated placards sa Recto because personally, nakakahiyang magtanong out of the blue ng “May sira po ba ngipin niyo?”. Through this, we will get their attention and TRULY reverse the process of them calling us than us calling them.”

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In an exclusive interview with “When In Manila”, the resourceful dentistry student revealed what made their requirement really difficult. To his explanation, it was the obvious phobia and conflict of schedule among their dental patients.

“So, in order to finish (the requirements), we needed to go around the streets of very populous Manila. To hunt patients is a very easy task, at least for me, with 97% of Filipinos with dental caries, it’s always a jackpot. I believe the hard part is their willingness to which is determined by two primary factors – phobia and conflict of schedule.”

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Source: Facebook | When In Manila

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