A shrewd customer uncovered a scam when Lazada delivered his ‘cellphone’

A shrewd customer uncovered a scam when Lazada delivered his ‘cellphone’

Netizens often warn each other about the dangers of online shopping. There’s a chance the item(s) we purchase from the internet may be damaged, faulty or simply replaced by garbage. Moreover, many people choose to trust strangers online; paying a huge sum of money for an item they want. Sometimes that expectation falls short. A discerning customer named Pronie Gulapa Hipolito noticed something strange about the box delivered to him from popular online shopping website Lazada. He purchased a smartphone and received a box from the site’s delivery service.

Likewise, he wanted to be sure that his package was delivered properly.

He ended up frustrated with what he received.

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During the first minutes of the viral footage, the shrewd costumer immediately demanded the delivery man to document the unboxing of his purchased good.

“I-video mo ito, ah! Kasi noong minsan napanoon ko ito… Iyong napanood ko mayroong laman na bato. Kaya iyong gusto ko dapat iyong laman nito talagang cellphone. Kaya ang gusto nakikita niyo na binubuksan ko ito.”

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The customer soon discovered that the box wasn’t holding a smartphone. The contents of the box turned out to be smaller boxes of Amoxicillin syrup bottles. Obviously, this wasn’t what he paid for.

“Parang magaan, eh. Ang hirap, eh, Cellphone ito, eh. Noong isang araw napanood ko nga ito, eh. Ang gaan! Patang kahon lang naman iyong laman nito, eh! Oh, sabi ko na ng aba bosing, eh! Ano ba ito?”

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As a result of this deception, he chose not to pay his purchase. Then, he ranted about the trickery he experienced.

“Eh, wala naman akong sakit bakit ako bibigyan niyo ako ng Amoxicillin? Wala pa itong laman? Nakapagtataka naman kasi bakit ang gaan? Akin na iyong bayad ko.”

Netizens, on the other hand, expressed their reaction to the viral Facebook post.

According to the Facebook page RBreezy, representatives of Lazada contacted the customer to apologize for the mishap. The company said they will be investigating this issue.

Finally, here is the viral footage!

Source: Facebook 

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