Commuters held banner as a response to Duterte’s “Tambay” campaign

Commuters held banner as a response to Duterte’s “Tambay” campaign

Evidently, the Filipino people are gradually showing signs of retaliation against the administration’s intensified drive against “Tambays”. Just a couple of days ago, a bunch of commuters took it upon themselves to send a witty yet powerful response to the issue. As they were waiting for a jeep to arrive, their hands firmly gripped a banner that said,

“Hindi po kami tambay, nag-aabang lang ng jeep. At kung tambay man, huwag kaming hulihin, saktan, patayin!”

Sir Albert — the person responsible for the photo — said that the message on their banner shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“It was our way of making a point… Gusto naming iparating na dapat kung huhuli ng tao, tambay man o hindi, may probable cause at nasa tamang proseso!”

It was last June 13 when President Rodrigo Duterte gave his speech on detaining people loitering on the streets. Since then, the Philippine National Police has already detained 11,000 people. But only 96 of those remain behind bars since thousands of them were found innocent after being apprehended.

One case of which was when Makati police detained a “loitering” group of friends. But in actuality they were just waiting right outside of their peer’s house when the authorities approached them. When one from the group inquired to know which crime were they suspects to, the policeman answered them by whipping out a video of Duterte’s June 13 speech. Apparently, that was the law.

The group was later released after the policeman noticed that they were taking a video of the incident.

Although that case ended with a happy ending, the same thing cannot be said to 25-year-old Genesis Argoncillo who perished while being detained.

PNP Crime Lab: Superintendent Joseph Palmero’s findings said that “blunt trauma” is the reason for his departure.

Genesis was apprehended and was put in a cell (whose maximum capacity is six) with 138 other detainees. The QCPD first denied that Genesis suffered blunt force, but then later pointed out two of his co-detainees as culprits.

The drive against loiterers will not be put to a halt according to the President, unless the Supreme Courts deems it unlawful.

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