Pinto Ng LRT, Viral Ngayon Dahil Sa Mala-intense Na Pagbukas At Pagsara Nito!

Pinto Ng LRT, Viral Ngayon Dahil Sa Mala-intense Na Pagbukas At Pagsara Nito!

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) have always been our main options when we want to get to our destination in no time. These transportation services have helped us reach our call times, albeit not all the time. Nevertheless, these trains are tenfold more efficient, swift, and have cheap fares which is why tons of daily commuters still opt to ride these as their way of transport.

But, well, who are we kidding? Trains here in the country and overall means of transport aren’t much promising when it comes to comfort and orderliness. Not to mention the unbearable Metro Manila traffic. The inconveniences and complaints from commuters have been piling up, but to no avail.

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Recently, Roy Vincent Daños uploaded his video on Facebook after he captured how problematic LRT has become. His clip has already gone viral after it gained the attention of netizens. His post also acts as a reminder that our government must do something to come up with a permanent solution.

In his uploaded clip, a jammed door of the train has kept the passengers from going out after it arrived on one of its stations. One of them decided to force the door and let himself out. Thankfully, his attempt has succeeded and he was able to get off the train before it closes.

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Upon seeing his success, another commuter recreated his method. With full strength, the man also forced the door to open but to his surprise, he got stuck in between the shutting door. Other passenger thought that he’ll end up getting himself hurt. Fortunately, he was able to break free from the petrifying scene and was able to step out the train.

Thousands of netizens immediately expressed their sentiments on the awful incident. Some burst into laughter upon seeing the unexpected event. People were thankful that the scenario didn’t end badly and that the man was safe from danger. While others said that it was the man’s fault for forcing his way out even though he knows that the door was jammed.


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