Collector who reported losing money in hold up caught lying through CCTV footage

Collector who reported losing money in hold up caught lying through CCTV footage

A minute-long segment of CCTV footage can really do wonders in this day and age. It can identify assailants and help out victims. It can even help lost family members reunite with each other. This time, however, this story proves that one crucial piece of CCTV footage could do so much more than that.

Who would’ve thought footage caught by CCTV would cast doubts on an alleged victim’s claims? Indeed, authorities were able to identify the wolf in sheep’s clothing because of a single camera’s footage.

It all started when local police from Barangay Dambo, Laguna received a report report of a robbery. It came from a money transfer collections officer named Louie Urbano.



According to Urbano, he was held up. Next, he also claimed that the motorcycle-riding assailants got his collections amounting to PHP 175,000.


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Luckily, everything was caught on CCTV footage. However, the authorities found something very odd with the video. First of all, it did not coincide with the statement of Urbano. See, CCTV footage spotted him willingly riding a motorcycle around the time he claimed to have gotten held up. After some time, the same motorcycle dropped Urbano off in a waiting shed. That’s when the man headed to the police station to report the so-called “hold up.”




Upon confrontation from authorities, Urbano admitted he wasn’t really held up. Furthermore, he also pointed fingers at two other colleagues who he alleged were the masterminds of the scheme.


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As much as Urbano denied his involvement in the master plan, netizens were livid about this revelation:

He identified Chester Narzoles and Salvador Obrero. Also, Urbano further claims that he only agreed to take part in the elaborate scam because these two colleagues threatened to harm his family.

Authorities recovered over PHP 90,000 from Obrero. Of course, they had already spent the rest of the money drinking.


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Noel Valderrama is the branch manager of the money transfer company that employed the three. He said they used to be good employees. However, they started reporting succeeding instances of lost collections.




Now, as a result, the three are facing charges and complaints from their branch manager.

Watch the full story here:


SOURCES: GMA Network | Youtube

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