Celebrity daughter Zeke Sarmenta ready to face the challenge and pressure as she enters showbiz

Celebrity daughter Zeke Sarmenta ready to face the challenge and pressure as she enters showbiz

We may think that the world of showbiz is all about glitz and glamour, that all you have to do is be effortlessly beautiful and you will already land a job. What we don’t know is that they have faced lots of pressure for the job, the pressure to always look stunning, the pressure to always be nice to everybody, the pressure to have an almost perfect and “Instagrammable” lifestyle, and more.
These expectations towards a celebrity doubles when an aspiring actor or actress is actually related by blood to a known personality who already proven his/her stand in the showbiz industry.

Newbie actress Zeke Sarmenta is very much aware of this kind of pressure and expectation since everybody is aware that she is the daughter of veteran actors Romnick Sarmenta and Harlene Bautista who recently confirmed their separation.

“Opo. I also have that clear mind na yung pressure that both my parents are known actors, paano kung hindi ako to that standard?” Zeke told reporters during the press conference of her first movie Rainbow’s Sunset.

The said movie will be Heaven’s Best Productions (owned by Harlene Bautista) entry to the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival 2018.

“Pero what my parents always told me is, as long as you do your best and you’re having a good time and you’re giving your all and you’re not hurting anybody, okey na yun,” she added.

According to a Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph) report, Zeke said that Harlene and Romnick are very supportive of her plans despite the pressure that she will face in the showbiz industry.

“My parents are very supportive with what I want to do. Sabihin ko man na gusto kong mag-painting, mag-archery, papayag sila. As long as it’s not harmful to anybody at alam nila na masaya talaga ako doon, todo-suporta sila,” Zeke explained.

“And yung pointers nga po when it comes to acting, yun ang importante talaga,” she added.

The 18-years-old newbie actress also shared that ever since a child, she is really interested to explore her acting skills.

“Opo, may interest po talaga, pero I guess hirap po akong magsabay ng school. Pinu-focus ko po ang school and, of course, taking care of my siblings. So it was never my first priority, pero may interest po talaga,” Zeke said.

“I think, to a certain degree, they always knew po. Kasi when I was younger, I would watch my parents perform in theater. I always love theater and I wanted to be like my mom kasi, e. Si Papa po kasi, mas nakikita ko siya on TV, and iba talaga ang acting on both. I love both pero yung theater po kasi iba talaga yung dynamics ng acting, iba yung level. So I have respect for both artforms,” she added.


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