“Bitag” helps file a case against cop threatened a minor with a gun

“Bitag” helps file a case against cop threatened a minor with a gun

In a recent episode of “Bitag”, the show helped find and identify a police officer who allegedly threatened to shoot a minor while drunk. A CCTV footage showed the policeman hitting a helpless 16-year-old boy, threatening to shoot him and ‘salvage’ his remains.

According to the show’s host, Ben Tulfo, P01 Redimer Bersales subjected the minor to a lot of physical pain and was pointing a gun at him when a soldier happened to pass by. The soldier spotted the commotion and immediately came to the rescue. He then told Bersales to take the boy to the barangay hall if the latter really was guilty of causing trouble, instead of physically harming him.

Noticing that a soldier arrived, Bersales immediately ran away and left the injured minor behind.

The boy’s mother then sought the help of “Bitag”, who accompanied them to the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit to report the incident. There, the minor positively identified Bersales as the policeman who threatened to end his life.

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Upon taking their statement, P/C Insp. Alejandro Pelias assured them that appropriate action will be taken towards Bersales. Not satisfied with the outcome however, the Bitag team accompanied the complainants to the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

Once at the NCRPO, Regional Director General Guillermo Eleazar himself greeted the grieving mother and her traumatized son.

General Eleazar then summoned Bersales so that the boy can positively identify him in person. However, upon identification, the accused cop said he did not know who the boy was.

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This caused General Eleazar to snap and let out a stream of expletives, ordering Bersales to tell the truth. The policeman eventually admitted that he apprehended the boy “during a riot”, which the latter vehemently denied.

As of writing, a criminal case has been filed against P01 Bersales, while an administrative complaint is on the way.

Watch the full episode below:

Source: Official Youtube Channel

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