‘Bulok Strategy!’ Nambully Sa Traffic Law Enforcers, Nagpapanggap Umano Na May Sakit Upang Maudlot Ang Paglipat Sa Kulungan!

‘Bulok Strategy!’ Nambully Sa Traffic Law Enforcers, Nagpapanggap Umano Na May Sakit Upang Maudlot Ang Paglipat Sa Kulungan!

People should always respect and obey the authorities at all cost. The government hired them to maintain peace and order in our community. That’s why it is a major offense if we disobey their rules and regulations. Traffic enforcers usually end up dealing with hard-headed people who don’t follow the laws of the road. Just like what Arnold Padilla and his wife have done with MMDA enforcers.

A CCTV footage has surfaced online where the couple mistreated the traffic officers after they were apprehended for a traffic violation.

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As a result, the poor enforcers ended up having wounds and injuries from the arrogant couple. According to them, they called out the couple’s attention after they ignored the red traffic light. To their surprise, the businessman and his wife aggressively approached them.

Last August, police raided the couple’s house and have found unlicensed firearms. In addition, MMDA decided to file charges against the two for physical injuries, unjust vexation, and coercion.

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Recently, a video of Arnold once again made the netizens furious. In the video, the businessman was lying down on his bed with an oxygen tank beside him. He said that he is experiencing chest pains and had a hard time breathing. He also stressed that his blood pressure was pretty high and asked for medical assistance.

Because of this, the Philippine National Police (PNP) are now suspecting the two of using his health condition to avoid getting detained. There have been reports that Arnold spat out his medicine to maintain his unstable blood pressure.

The authorities are now monitoring the couple’s movement and have promised to punish the couple for their crime.

Read some sentiments of netizens down below:



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