You have to see Anjo Yllana’s gorgeous daughter Mikaela Yllana

You have to see Anjo Yllana’s gorgeous daughter Mikaela Yllana

Recently, the internet has been discovering a lot of non-showbiz children of celebrities. They easily catch the attention of people especially when they inherited have their parents’ “star factor”. After all, it seems like they are all hidden gems waiting to shine in the limelight. One of the most beautiful celebrity daughters right now is Mikaela Yllana.

Mikaela often referred to as “Mika” is the 19-year-old daughter of Anjo Yllana and Jacqui Manzano. She has three other siblings named  Andee, Jaime, and Nathan. However, being the daughter of the “Eat Bulaga” host is not the sole reason why her name is circulating online. Her beauty and charm simply captivated many netizens.

Even though Mika has not entered showbiz yet, she already garnered a huge amount of supporters. Just like any millennial, she shared snaps on Instagram where her followers could get a glimpse of her life.

She studied at Miriam College High School and is now pursuing college at Ateneo de Manila University. Aside from being busy with studies, she is also slowly gracing her way towards modeling.

If you scroll down on her account, you would notice that she loves to hang out with friends. They would often go to parties or enjoy the pristine beaches. Her bikini photos emphasized her great figure and it totally snatched everyone’s attention.

Mika truly knows how to carry herself in public. Even the outfit she donned suited her body. Of course, she also matched it with her confidence.

This is why most people believe that she has what it takes to be the next big star. It made them wonder whether or not she will take the path towards the spotlight just like her father.

Here are some of the opinions of netizens about her.


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