Romantic proposal of AiAi delas Alas’ son Sancho Vito to her model girlfriend

Anak ni AiAi delas Alas engaged na! Ang sweet nung proposal!

Netizen’s relationship advice about having a ‘fat girlfriend’ goes viral on Facebook

A netizen's post has gone viral on Facebook for talking about his 'fat girlfriend'. According to the poster, people often ask him why he's still with his significant other despite the fact that she is no longer slim. His response gained the admiration of many, inspiring his co-netizens.

Childless couple who have been trying for 8 years shocked after seeing ultrasound

This childless couple from Utah have been trying to conceive for 8 years, but they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the ultrasound.

Netizen shares the romantic 10 commandments for couples on social media

This Facebook post instantly became a trending topic, featuring the 10 commandments every man should follow in order to make his woman happy.

Unconditional Love: The Story Of A Father’s Sacrifices For His Children

The heartbreaking yet inspiring story of a father's unconditional love

GMA News reporter Mark Zambrano has emotional send off for girlfriend Aicelle Santos who flies to London for “Miss Saigon”

GMA News reporter Mark Zambrano could not keep his emotions in check as he temporarily bade goodbye to his fiancee, Aicelle Santos, who had to leave for London.

Single mom admits to DJ Raqi Terra her ex got her pregnant

"MK" confesses to DJ Raqi Terra, through a Secret File, that her ex-boyfriend got her pregnant. Problem is, she's a single mom who's already in a new relationship -- a long distance one.

Man buries engagement ring as part of elaborate wedding proposal plan

As part of an elaborate and unique wedding proposal plan, this man buried an engagement ring right before asking her girlfriend out for a metal-detecting hike.

Married man man relieved to learn meaning behind wife’s note after being crazy drunk

A married man named Jack woke up alive and had an unexpected note from his wife after a crazy night. A netizen shared his amusing story and it has gained a lot of attention online. Find out why.

Woman Marries A Little Guy, Showing The World What True Love Is!

Here's the inspiring story of a woman who refused to judge a person based on his physical appearance!

Couple got ditched by caterer on their wedding day, receives glamorous wedding from Rated K

A couple got ditched by their caterer on their wedding day. Rated K decided to give them the wedding that they deserved.

VIRAL: Jeff Bongao proposes to girlfriend of 14 years live on ‘ASAP’

After 14 years together, Jeff Bongao thought it was the right time for him and girlfriend Joanne Montoya to take the relationship up a notch. They have been through a lot together, so an ordinary wedding proposal won't cut it. So, he did it live on national television, in the show 'ASAP.'

Veteran actor Boy Alano now lives in rotten garage

Boy Alano’s life after living showbiz.

Photos of Mark Lapid and Tanya Garcia that make them #couplegoals forever

Against all odds, Mark Lapid and Tanya Garcia have remained by each other's side. See these wonderful photos that tell the story of their 10-year relationship that's got the rest of us swooning at the #couplegoals.

Rocco Nacino tells-all about relationship with girlfriend Melissa Gohing

Finally, there is confirmation of Rocco Nacino's relationship with volleybelle Melissa Gohing. After the two were spotted attending former DLSU Volleyball Captain Cha Cruz's wedding together, it has gotten difficult for them to keep the real score secret.

Meet Anna Mabasa, AJ Muhlach’s gorgeous girlfriend of seven years

Did you know Aga Muhlach's heartthrob of a brother already has a girlfriend? Yes, as a matter of fact, AJ Muhlach and his stunning girlfriend, Anna Mabasa, have already been together for seven years!

Netizen Aimee Aguado bids her childhood sweetheart goodbye after 7 and a half years

Netizens on Facebook are all pining over love lost as netizen Aimee Aguado shared how and why it ended between her and her childhood sweetheart after 7 and a half years of relationship, and another 7 years of courtship before that.

Joshua Garcia rents entire skating rink for date with Julia Barretto

Netizens couldn't contain their kilig upon finding out that Joshua Garcia rented out an entire skating rink for his date with Julia Barretto!

“Minahal ko sya hindi dahil sa pera”- Pinay girlfriend confesses relationship with a foreigner on Secret Files

On the latest episode of the Secret Files, a Pinay girlfriend is confused on whether or not to reveal her relationship with a foreigner.

Netizen shares heartbreaking love letter from his departed girlfriend

Facebook netizen Leomar Tolentino publishes the heartbreaking handwritten love letter her girlfriend, Julie Ann, penned before she passed away.