Guy dramatically cries on the ground after finding out that his crush got pregnant

It really sucks being brokenhearted, right? Most of us have experienced having crushes — it maybe your classmate, that cool workmate or even the charming person you pass by every day. Of course, our crushes

Man Gets Married To Two Women In This One Of A Kind Exchange Of Vows

Love truly knows no limits. As overused as it sounds, love is one of the most compelling powers of nature that you need to manage. When you feel it, there is no denying its existence.

Nadine Lustre Shares Video Of Having Fun With Her Friends

Nadine Lustre is one of the most prominent celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry. It is no doubt that she has reached the peak of her career at a very young age and her success

Isang Aktres, Umaming Nakipagtanan Noon Sa Sariling Kapatid Na Aktor At Sino Nga Ba Sila?

Love is the most powerful thing in the world and many people can attest to this claim. There are a lot of people who believe that love is a wonderful feeling that a human could

Tagos sa puso, tagos sa utak, tagus sa laman Kuya! Isang Babae, Todo Iyak Matapos Siyang Iwan Ng Kanyang Seaman Na Boyfriend

At one point in your life, have you ever had your heart broken by someone? Have you ever cried for someone in your sleep? Or reminisce all your times spend together and cannot help but

‘Sana all!’ – Best Birthday Surprise Ever Ng Isang Babae, Sobrang Nagviral Ngayon Sa Social Media!

Birthdays are probably one of the most exciting events in a person’s life and this is the reason why friends and family always tried their best to give the celebrant the most memorable surprise one

Cats have feelings too! This cat proves that they have human-like emotions

We often think that a cat doesn’t have any emotions at all. Some cat owners thought their pet can’t feel anything and just do what they want. Usually, we just see them eat, take a

“Nakakapanlumo” Isang Babae, Tuwang-tuwa Dahil Sa Surpresang Ibinigay Ng Kanyang Nobyo, Ngunit Gumuho Ang Mundo Niya Ng Makita Ito

We have gushed over a lot of sweet surprises we saw online. The more creative and unique a surprise gets, the more it catches the attention of hopeless romantics and especially committed ladies out there. Of

WATCH: Viral Videos Ng Isang Babae, Kinaiingitan Ngayon Ng Mga Netizen Dahil Sa Kanyang Boyfriend

Every one of us has our own definition of true love. However, most people believe that love pushes us to accept someone for who they are. In fact, most of us are surely familiar with the saying

UP Graduate couple showed that their love is greater than the distance between them

It feels so good to have your loved ones present during your biggest life moments - like college graduation. When University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio alumnae Allanah Juene Bellen finished her Biology degree, the love

LGBT-inclusive Christian church leads a mass wedding for lesbian couples

Most of us assume that Christian churches reject LGBT+ couples who want to get married. Because of their belief, pastors refuse to conduct wedding ceremonies for these marginalized people. However, an all-inclusive Christian church surprised us when

A weepy elderly husband sings to her terminally-ill wife for the last time

We might never know when our end will come. Be it a sudden or gradual yet painful way, we can unanimously agree that nobody can escape this fact of life. Although inevitable, what we can

Officer Hopeless Romantic: Watch this police officer propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a mall

It's amazing to think that in a world of over seven billion people love finds a way to bring two individuals to each other. The fact that there's someone out there waiting for you is

This Syrian boy wakes up blind for the first time and his reaction is totally heartbreaking

As we all know, our eyes play a vital role in our lives. That's why it will surely be depressing to live without it. Over the past years, we have seen a whole lot of heart-melting

A heart-broken man shares a tragic love story on Facebook

People say that the only constant thing in this world is "change". As we all know, everything in this world is completely ephemeral — even life. There is merely no argument on it. In truth, we will never

Funny yet lovely marriage proposal gains positive reactions from netizens

We've witnessed a whole lot of marriage proposals in the virtual world. In fact, we are all aware that the thought of proposing in public might be terrifying to some men. Guys often plan months

Markki Stroem on Marvin Agustin: “He’s my friend”

Singer and actor Markki Stroem denied the allegations that he treats Marvin Agustin as more than just his friend.

Famous celebrities whose family disapproved their romantic relationship

Check out these five Filipina celebrities whose parents and family initially disapproved of their partners and romantic relationship.

Kris Bernal and non-showbiz boyfriend Perry Choi, lovers and also business partners

Actress Kris Bernal looked radiant and stunning than before, as she admits on meeting her non-showbiz boyfriend Perry Choi's family for the first time.

Boyfriend’s heart-rending letter to this girlfriend will leave you in tears

They say that the most important thing about love is its finality. There is no such thing as endless love. Even the strongest bonds cannot conquer the fact that our life on this planet will