A weepy elderly husband sings to her terminally-ill wife for the last time

A weepy elderly husband sings to her terminally-ill wife for the last time

We might never know when our end will come. Be it a sudden or gradual yet painful way, we can unanimously agree that nobody can escape this fact of life. Although inevitable, what we can do right now is to start creating memories with the perpeo we love.

Life, in all its form and sizes, should celebrate by every person. Whether it is plain or extravagant, what matters the most is we did something that our loved ones will soon remember. Just take this elderly man and his terminally-ill wife as an example.

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Recently, a certain social media user named Mario Chua Magparangal shared via Facebook about his seemingly last memorable days with his wife. As seen on the absolute tear-jerker footage, he serenades his terminally-ill wife while inside a hospital room.

For the old man, he described this certified heartbreaking moment as his “huling kanta para sa mahal ko.” While he was singing the lyrics of the song “Nandito Ako” by OPM icon Ogie Alcasid, the old man can’t help but prevent himself from having an emotional breakdown in front of his wife.

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You can feel the fear and the undeniable sadness of the weepy elderly man, as he continues to serenade his love. His sick wife, on the other, can be seen sitting steadily; breathing with the help of an oxygen tube.

Moreover, what makes the situation truly heartbreaking is the facial expression of the unwell wife. As you could suggest, it seems like she already accepted her fate in life.

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Here are the comments of the netizens below!

In case you watch the entire video, you can watch it below!

Source: Facebook

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