WATCH: Valentine's day surprise for JAM prepared by MICH

WATCH: Valentine's day surprise for JAM prepared by MICH

Mich lighten's up Jam by doing a Valentine's day surprise

image source: rappler/jamich
Mich Liggayu is doing her best to stay positive despite of all the pain that she is going through. She needs to be stronger so that Jam will be inspired to fight against his sickness.

The smile of her face cannot be seen anymore. She was totally devastated when her partner Jam posted on social media that he was already tired of battling against cancer and that he wanted to rest now.

At first she could not believe it but she needed to calm down even though she was already freaking out on the inside.

She just needed to be there for him. Jam's body was already too weak to undergo a Chemotherapy.

Even though Jam already wanted to give up the fight, his loved ones especially Mich still hopes that they will get through this challenge.

She is already having a difficult time right now but she continues to pray and ask for help through the Almighty God.
Kilig Throwback Video of JAMICH Valentines Day! Lets Pray for JAM! 

To ease Jam's worries and fears, she is planning a very special surprise for his longtime boyfriend this coming Valentine's Day. She wanted to celebrate it with him in any way that they could. 

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