WATCH: Touching tribute to OFWs as Modern day heroes

WATCH: Touching tribute to OFWs as Modern day heroes

Tribute to Modern day heroes will make your cry

Image source : screenshot photo from youtube
Overseas Filipino Workers are tagged as the modern day heroes of their families. Their never ending love for their loved ones is what pushes them to be far away from them just to give the best life they could for their families. And as a part of the heroes day, Philippine Airlines gives tribute to the new heroes of the families.

The story of this family will bring tears in your eyes. Amiel is a chef who is working in Singapore. He sacrificed being away from his family just to make sure that his family will have a bright future ahead.

Working abroad is not only hard for Amiel but it is also harder for his daughter, Princess. Although she understands why her father needs to work overseas the fact still remains that he misses him so much. She is truly proud of the sacrifices that her dad made for them.

Amiel did not know that he will be having the biggest surprise in his life. On heroes day, Angela and Princess traveled to Singapore to visit Amiel.

Amiel did not have a single clue on what is going to happen. All that he know is he has to answer the interview. Then his family appeared right in front of him. His daughter hugged him tight showing how much they missed him.

source: Fly PAL
This video was uploaded by fly PAL on Youtube on August 23, 2014. It was a reminder that a hero does not only fight for the country but they are also our loved ones who sacrifices just to make sure that we will have a great future.

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