WATCH: Touching surprise of a man for his wife for 64 years

WATCH: Touching surprise of a man for his wife for 64 years

Nnothing can make a girl feel more wonderful than to be loved and to be taken care of by the one you loved the most.

In this video, a couple who had been together for 64 years met again after 2 weeks of not seeing each other and not spending time with each other.

The video was posted on facebook by David Carter with a caption that says "Learn something valuable here men. After 64 years together and then 2 weeks apart, this is how you are supposed to treat your wife when u see her. This is actually the first time I have seen them both standing in over a month. Hopefully they can get together in the same rehab facility, it's hard for lovers to be apart."

This is really a sign of true love. although they didn't saw each other for 2 weeks, he still managed to catch up with her and to come up with a surprise.

Although he was having a hard time walking alone, he still managed to stand still and reach for the flowers and chocolates that he had to give to his wife.

This is indeed a video that will show all the men how to treat your girls after not seeing her for a long time.

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