WATCH: Talented Man belts out high pitches at "inuman session"

WATCH: Talented Man belts out high pitches at "inuman session"

A man belts out high pitched song during drinking session with his friends. 

image source: youtube
Amazing man showcases talent in singing high pitched songs at their inuman session

Singing a song entitled, Stand Up For Love which was recorded by Destiny's Child, JB Naganio effortlessly sang the song.

For a man, this is really a difficult song because of the range of the song. But JB proved that a man can also sing this kind of songs. He was just sitting down in front of the Karaoke and he mesmerized the audience.

His voice was extraordinary. It was so amazing that it quickly took over the social media sites.

Within less than 24 hours, the video already gained 28 thousand views on Facebook when Grazie L. Esguerra uploaded it on her facebook account.

JB Naganio is a very talented man from Cabanatuan City. He continuously amazes the people that had been supporting him. He is truly a gem to be discovered because of the unique quality of voice that he has.

Filipinos has a natural talent when it comes to singing that is why karaokes are always present when there is a celebration. 

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