WATCH: Kokoi Baldo jams with The Voice Coaches

WATCH: Kokoi Baldo jams with The Voice Coaches

After making 4 chairs turn, Kokoi Baldo was asked by the Team Coaches to jam with him.

Image Source: screenshot photo from youtube
They were surprised by the talent that Kokoi Baldo has to offer.

Apl De Ap said that if he will be chosen as the coach they will be making a lot of songs about Boracay and the Beauty of it.

Meanwhile, Sarah G told him that she was the first one to turn the chair for him. She was the first to believe.

Coach Lea stated that in her entire life it was the first time that she encountered something like what Kokoi did on the stage. She said that he inspired Lea to make a song.

On the social media, Kokoi won the hearts of the netizen as he continued to gain positive feedbacks about his performance.

Some of them said that they had found the next big star on the Music Industry.

source : www.abs-cbnnews

It was just the first episode of The Voice Philippines Season 2 and the people are looking forward to a whole new set of talents more.

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