WATCH: Emotional Speech of Espina trends online

WATCH: Emotional Speech of Espina trends online

We all know that PNP and the families of the fallen 44 are already seeking justice for the over killing.

image source: abs-cbn

On Wednesday, the PNP Officer-in-Charge Leonardo Espina had became emotional as he asked why the MILF finished off 44 of his men in Maguindanao last January 25.

Espina said that he couldn't sleep last night as he found out that at least 20 of the SAF troopers were killed with headshots.

Espina had been seeking justice for all of the SAF troopers killed in their mission.

He kept on asking why all of those 44 men were overkilled, why are they naked and why are there headshots.

"Ano ba itong over kill na to sa mga tao ko? Ako hindi ako nakatulog ko kagabi nung nalaman ko yung medico-legal report...Bakit niyo finish yung tao ko?" he said.

As Espina gives his speech, people who were able to witness his speech can't help but to be emotional. Even Espina was emotional as he was delivering his speech.

Netizens who were able to watch Espina's speech had offered a salute for Espina.

"Nobody else will speak for my men except for me" Espina said as he seeks justice for fallen 44

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