WATCH: Bagito Proposal of the Year 'Kiligmuch'

WATCH: Bagito Proposal of the Year 'Kiligmuch'

Nothing makes a girl feel more wonderful about themselves than a guy who can scream to the world how much he loves her.

image source: screenshot from youtube
In this one and a half minute video, a guy took the proposal of becoming a girl's boyfriend to a different level.

The guy spread out petals of roses along the hallway of their campus where the girl walked towards him. At the end of the path there stood the guy deeply in love with her.

On the spot where they are going to meet is a shape of a heart made from flower petals as well. Their friends and schoolmates helped him by holding each letters that spelled out, "will you be my girlfriend?"

All the people were shouting and yelling at the top of their lungs because of the 'kilig' factor that this proposal gave them.

This video was tagged as the Bagito Proposal of the Year. 'Bagito' is the new term for those teenagers who are into love at their young age.

Source : youtube
These kind of surprises makes the girl feel loved. It only shows that when you love someone you are willing to do ordinary things with a little extra to make it extraordinary.

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