VIDEO: Cashiers prepared a surprise that made their customers happy

VIDEO: Cashiers prepared a surprise that made their customers happy

Cashiers and their equipment played Jingle Bells to shoppers

Image source : screenshot photo from youtube
Christmas is fast approaching. In about few days from now, it will be the time of the year that most of the people had been waiting for. During this time of the year, people are rushing ideas of what presents to give and what food to cook.

In line with the Christmas season the Christmas songs will not be forgotten. It adds up to the wonderful feeling of celebrating Christmas.

In one of the largest market in Germany, they prepared a little surprise for their loyal customers. They spiced up their day with a little performance that they have done.

Using 13 hidden camera, 9 cashiers and a large instrument, they performed the Christmas song Jingle Bells. One of the cashiers were doing beat box while the others were creating a tune while punching the items on the cash register.

The shoppers stopped to watch the amazing surprise that was prepared for them. The happiness in their faces were shown. Some of them were also dancing.

This is such a wonderful event. It is truly magical how a simple gesture can make other people happy deep inside.

This video was uploaded on YouTube by Edeka on November 30, 2014. It has gained more than 10 million views since it was uploaded.

source: EDEKA

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