Isang Aktres, Umaming Nakipagtanan Noon Sa Sariling Kapatid Na Aktor At Sino Nga Ba Sila?

Isang Aktres, Umaming Nakipagtanan Noon Sa Sariling Kapatid Na Aktor At Sino Nga Ba Sila?

Love is the most powerful thing in the world and many people can attest to this claim. There are a lot of people who believe that love is a wonderful feeling that a human could ever feel. It makes a person crazy and love can actually drive someone to make an unexpected decision.

There are people who are afraid of love. Not that they haven’t experienced it. But what makes love so scary is the fact that it is really risky. You can make a wrong decision if all you were thinking about is nothing but love. And this decision may not only hurt yourself but it could hurt the other people around you.

Source: PEP

Source: PEP

In a recent article published by Philstar, an actress admitted that she once planned to elope with another actor. But this plan was immediately abolished after they discovered that they share the same biological father and it was confirmed that they are siblings.

According to Philstar, it was just a blind item before. But when they got the chance to clear it with the veteran actress, Elizabeth Oropesa, the issue that was once a blind item was given a formal confirmation of the person who was directly involved.

Elizabeth confirmed that she was indeed the actress who planned to elope with the actor. When asked who was that actor, Elizabeth revealed that it was Philip Salvador. They were stopped when the news about their plan reached Elizabeth’s father, Lou Salvdor.

“Hindi naman inamin pero nagkagulo nung nagtanan kami. Binawi ako,”

Source: PEP

“Si Kuya Leroy ang hinimatay-matay nun because of what happened.
“Pinaglayo kami, and si Kuya Leroy…palagi yan nandiyan. Kahit anong nangyari sa buhay ko, nandiyan siya,” dagdag niyang pahayag.

When asked if it is indeed true that she and Philip share the same father, the veteran actress immediately answered, “I must be a Salvador”,

“As far as I can remember, bata pa ako, pag may mga malaking okasyon, nandun ako. Si Papang (Lou Salvador), nandun ako.
“Palagi ako kay Papang when I was young,”

Source: PEP

Elizabeth also shared her experience of having a husband with multiple wives.

“Alam mo kasi, pag ikaw ang first, ikaw talaga ang senora. Igagalang ka.
“Lahat na special occasion na totoo, ikaw ang dala-dala. Hindi puwedeng pumiktyur ang mga dyo¬bets.
Pumayag na ako kasi ang dami-dami niyang datung. Wala akong problema sa datung. Saka I thought, siya na ang forever ko, So, payag na ako ng ganun,”

Watch the video:

However, Elizabeth and her former partner got separated.

SOURCE: Youtube,  Philstar


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