Tagos sa puso, tagos sa utak, tagus sa laman Kuya! Isang Babae, Todo Iyak Matapos Siyang Iwan Ng Kanyang Seaman Na Boyfriend

Tagos sa puso, tagos sa utak, tagus sa laman Kuya! Isang Babae, Todo Iyak Matapos Siyang Iwan Ng Kanyang Seaman Na Boyfriend

At one point in your life, have you ever had your heart broken by someone? Have you ever cried for someone in your sleep? Or reminisce all your times spend together and cannot help but shed a tear? Do you remember the feeling?
Every one of us probably experienced heartbreak at some point of our lives. From a high school crush, or from a college love, or from a long term relationship- all heartbreaks are different yet it shares a common hurt.

In this video that had quickly gone viral on social media, we witnessed a girl’s heartbreak on cam. The video was uploaded by a Facebook page this Monday, September 24 with a caption “Kayo kayo boys, please lang maawa kayo sa mga girls semanluluko na naman ang may kasalanan. Tagos sa puso, tagos sa utak, tagos sa laman kuya. Seaman nga naman”.

The video was taken by the girl’s friend. They were inside a taxi riding off to somewhere, while the heartbroken girl was talking and opening up her feelings to the taxi driver. She asks the driver why her love left her. “Sabihin mo sa ‘kin, kuya. Lalaki ka diba (Tell me, kuya. You are a man)”, she pleaded. The girl was asking the driver of the reason a little bit too much that her friend pushed her back to her seat. She was so hurt that she can feel it in her heart, in her mind, everywhere of her. The girl was not able to hide her feelings and had gone hysterical.

Her tears continued to shed down as she told the taxi driver how she did everything for her love. She washed his clothes, she clean their house- everything for him. She gave her everything to that person. In return, she only wanted to be loved completely and for her man to love only her. She even asked why we get hurt every time we are in love, can’t it be all happiness and love. It really broke her heart and really unfair for her.

It was known that the girl got her heart broken from her seaman lover and that they have a child. As the video continues to spread online, people are hoping for the best for her. Netizens expressed their thoughts on the comment section. Some thinks that she should hear the side of her love. Some say that she should move on and accept the reality whatever the hurt it brings. There were even some who think that she deserves someone better, someone to treat her better.

Watch the full video below:

Here are the reactions of the netizens:

What about you? What do you think the girl must do? Share your thoughts as you watch the video.

SOURCE: Facebook


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