This Syrian boy wakes up blind for the first time and his reaction is totally heartbreaking

This Syrian boy wakes up blind for the first time and his reaction is totally heartbreaking

As we all know, our eyes play a vital role in our lives. That’s why it will surely be depressing to live without it. Over the past years, we have seen a whole lot of heart-melting videos on social media about people seeing for the first time. However, whether we like it or not, there are also people who unfortunately lose their sight every year. This could be due to various factors such as age, sickness, or accidents.

Recently, a heartbreaking video of a father comforting his son who woke up blind for the first time became viral online. Based on our source, the poor boy is just one of the many children who are now victims of ongoing war in Syria.

On the video posted on Spotlight Humanity’s Facebook page, there’s no denying that the young boy can’t contain his grief and despair after realizing that he lost his sight.

 “Daddy, my eyes. I can’t see.”

It’s heartbreaking to know that in his young age, this innocent boy will never be able to see anymore. Meanwhile, it is also sad to know that war in Syria isn’t over yet. Thousands of vulnerable children are victims in the middle of a destructive war; who are at risk of losing their lives. Not to mention, these children are also facing a very real risk of being neglected and stigmatized as the unrelenting conflict continues.

Nevertheless, we are still hoping that the ongoing chaos in Syria will end as soon as possible. So as not to add, more victims such as this young boy.

As of writing, this tear-jerking video of father and son already gained over 1,133,504 views online.  And many netizens expressed their sympathy for this young boy – Read some of their comments below:

Watch the video below for more of the Syrian father and his blind son’s heartbreaking moment.



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