Ryan Rems was surprised when Alex Gonzaga asked him out on a date!

Ryan Rems was surprised when Alex Gonzaga asked him out on a date!

After several appearances on Showtime, Ryan Rems quickly gained fame as the netizens loved his classic jokes. Even his expression saying, 'Orayt! Rock and Roll to the world' is one of the most used lines in social media. 

But Ryan Rems is determined that he could not only pull up jokes, but he claims that he could be a good host who does interviews as well. 

After having an interview workshop with the 'King Of Talk' Boy Abunda, the comedian Ryan Rems proved that he also has skills in interviewing.

The first actress that he encountered was Alex Gonzaga. He called this the 'Survey with Ryan Rems'. He asked her several questions such as her inspiration to write her book, how she got the opportunity to be on television and other things as well. 

Though they were having an interview, it seems that the two were enjoying the fun conversation filled with jokes. But there was a surprise waiting for Ryan Rems.

Completely out of nowhere, Alex asked him if he wanted to go out on a date with her. He was in shock but still managed to produce jokes. 

Is this a start of a new love team for the two? Should we start waiting for their love story aside from Ryan Rems' funny jokes? 

Source: ManilaFeed

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