Man Gets Married To Two Women In This One Of A Kind Exchange Of Vows

Man Gets Married To Two Women In This One Of A Kind Exchange Of Vows

Love truly knows no limits. As overused as it sounds, love is one of the most compelling powers of nature that you need to manage. When you feel it, there is no denying its existence. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you have exclusive expectations, or on the off chance that you have none by any means. Love does not categorize.

Love nowadays has gotten a somewhat multifaceted definition. It used to be simply among men and women, yet individuals’ view on sentimental love has raised to statures we never figured it could. Amid this age, love rises above all limits, be it race, gender, nationality, or in some events, even the number of people involved in it.

Marriage is most likely something that is both thrilling and intimidating at the same time. It is thrilling in the thought that it ties you to your one person of interest, sharing each other’s emotions and passion for the rest of your lives. Then again, it’s additionally intimidating as it is such a big deal. It requires loyalty and commitment towards one individual and one individual alone.

This is likely why there are couples who, in spite of being as one for quite a while, do not hop into marriage immediately. But there are those who are brave enough to tie the knot. As a matter of fact, others are really brave in entering marriage that they do it not with just one person, but two.

In a recent viral post on Facebook by a netizen named Joanna Nanangga, an exchange of vows happened not between a couple, but among a party of three. In the post, we see photos of two women exchanging their promises of commitment toward a man. This means that a single man was married to two women in the same ceremony.

Weird as it sounds for many of us, this is actually accepted in their set of beliefs as these people belonged to a different faith. Many netizens were taken a back upon seeing this, some even expressing their disapproval, but the person who posted the photos was quick to justify and defend the event.

Apart from her, other netizens who shared the same belief also explained to those who opposed and said negative comments that this is nothing but an expression and officiation of true love. Not because we do not see it on a normal basis, it does not necessarily mean that it is not valid.

Source: Facebook

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