British man ran the Forrest Gump course then proposes to his girlfriend!

British man ran the Forrest Gump course then proposes to his girlfriend!

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.” Forrest Gump is definitely one of the most iconic movies in America, and why wouldn’t it be? Simple, hearty, and real, Forrest Gump is an example to all when it comes to living. Maybe that’s why this Liverpool native followed him… literally.

Ok, maybe not literally as in he was behind Tom Hanks while he was running the famous 15607-mile trek in the movie, but he was a man after Forrest’s own heart. Back in September of 2016, Rob Pope decided to walk in the shoes of Forrest Gump and decided to do the run.

That’s not all, when he did it, he was the same age as Hanks was when he played the role.


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What for? Well, to make sure that he nails his proposal to his girlfriend! That’s right! He found his “Jenny” and she was waiting for him at the finish line with their newborn baby.

Dressed in basically what Forrest Gump was wearing in the movie, complete with the beard (props to that detail!), he went down on one knee and the veteran-slash-marathon runner popped the question.


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Well, we don’t know if the British man used Forrest Gump’s accent for proposing, but he most likely smelled like him and that probably counts for something.

What made him do the run?

Well, apparently his mother told him to do one thing in his life that makes a difference.

Btw, he earned about 37,000 pounds for 2 charities, so he definitely made a difference.


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Wanting to outdo himself right away, after going back to the UK and witnessing the birth of his daughter, he ran the freaking London Marathon.

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