LGBT-inclusive Christian church leads a mass wedding for lesbian couples

LGBT-inclusive Christian church leads a mass wedding for lesbian couples

Most of us assume that Christian churches reject LGBT+ couples who want to get married. Because of their belief, pastors refuse to conduct wedding ceremonies for these marginalized people. However, an all-inclusive Christian church surprised us when they decided to conduct a mass wedding for lesbian couples.

Reverend CJ Agbayani founded the LGBTS Christian Church Inc. that welcomes all genders. He created the church so it can serve as a sanctuary.

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To those who don’t know, LGBTS Christian Church Inc. was at the forefront of pushing for the legalization of LGBT+ marriages. Now, in an effort to bring equality to all, Reverend Agbayani performed a mass wedding in Quezon City. Business Standard reported that the church holds these kinds of wedding every year.

There were nine couples who attended the event and they even brought along their families. Although, a very important question is still hanging in the air. Some of us are dubious about the recognition these marriages receive. Especially since the Philippines isn’t totally accepting of the LGBT+ community.

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Well, according to Inquirer’s Facebook post about the mass wedding, they are only hoping for the Supreme Court to legalize them. The church’s official website also contains the information regarding this issue.

“Unfortunately, in the Philippines we have no Marriage Equality Law or the Same-[redacted] Marriage Law yet.”

Everything they do is for the sake of these couples who simply want the same recognition and benefits afforded to straight marriages. As sad as this may seem, they are filled with hope especially since the Supreme Court “held an oral argument on the petition to allow same-[redacted] marriage in the country.”

Watch the video coverage of the ceremony below:

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Source: Inquirer

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