VIRAL: Adorable Foreigners imitate the 'Pabebe Girls'

VIRAL: Adorable Foreigners imitate the 'Pabebe Girls'

Social Media had made a lot of people famous in just a blink of an eye. Especially if it was something unique that really caught the attention of the social media users. 

Recently, one of the trending videos was the video of 'three girls' who claim that they were the 'pabebe girls'. Since their video was uploaded, a lot of people shared it. There were other people who have created their own versions of the video as well.

One of the most famous cover is the one that was done by the 'pababy girls' which includes 3 foreigners who were copying the moves and script of the original 'pabebe girls'.

This video quickly gained the hearts of the people because of the adorable little girls who were imitating the 'pabebe girls'.

Along with the fame that the 'Pabebe girls', they also appeared in several shows and met a lot of stars such as Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo and Vice Ganda. 

In their video, they were saying that 'walang makakapigil samen' which is what happened. They fame could not be stopped because of uploading the funny video. 

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