Young woman gifts virginity to loving boyfriend but breaks up with him after

A young woman told her sad and heart-breaking love story wherein she gave her loving boyfriend the gift of her virginity but breaks up with him afterwards.

Inspiring young jeepney driver finally graduates from college

Our success is not defined by the status we have in life. Although privilege makes the journey easier, the lucky few who manage to rise above are definitely the most inspiring. A young jeepney driver decided

A teen suffering from depression received a boost to her confidence thanks to a hairstylist

Depression is a serious mental health condition that can affect anyone. This depressed teen received a makeover from a very supportive hairdresser.

Viral photo shows ice cream vendor pushing his cart in floods and working despite heavy rain and wind

At some point in our lives, we might feel like we're stuck in a job we don't like. However, do you ever consider how many people work in the streets, day and night rain or shine -

Flight attendant gains positive reactions from the netizens online

Many people think that being a flight attendant is an easy job. However, they're definitely wrong and misinformed! As a matter of fact, those aspiring to be a part of the cabin crew work really

Janitress sets up a “Care Closet” for homeless and starving students

As we all know, most janitress earn only a minimum wage or even less if they're unlucky. However, this never became a hindrance for Carolyn Collins to extend help for those homeless and starving children. According to

This Man Happened To Marry The Mortar Of His Girlfriend Who Dies In An Accident

Just recently, a devastated man from Taiwan has decided to fulfill his promise to his pregnant girlfriend. He's about to marry his girlfriend when his girlfriend got into a road accident, killing her and the life inside her womb.

“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” shares fitspiration stories

You might want to hit the gym (for real this time) after watching the recent feature on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.” Titled “Fitspiration Journey,” the magazine show shared the story of two different men with

Pitiful man who lives in run-down trailer receives kindness from pizza deliverers

One can never measure the pain that Lee Haase went through in life. He lost his home during a storm, whilst also losing his beloved son in a snowmobile accident at the same time. The

Former sinturon vendor secures his future after graduating as summa cum laude

From being a humble sinturon vendor, Raymart Reyes is now a summa cum laude who's ready to face the world. During his last day as a student, Raymart was able to leave a legacy not only

A female netizen shares the importance of self-worth and self-acceptance

In the past, women who already has kids were undesirable. Therefore, making them the least preferred by most men. Fast forward today, it seems like this negative preconceived notion is eventually changing. Case in point —

Netizen stands up against man’s unwanted advances on a bus

Receiving unwanted advances on public transportation, sadly, is no longer news in this country. However, this case is newsworthy for how the victim stood up for herself. In effect, she is now an inspiration to

Hard-working daughter of a vendor and a tricycle driver lands the Top 3 spot in the CPA Board Exam

There's nothing more inspiring than seeing a person reach their dreams despite a poverty-ridden life. These people never allowed their hardships to dictate the direction of their lives. For instance, take a loot at the

Kind-hearted motorist teaches everyone a lesson about compassion

It never hurts to be selfless and kind to the people who aren't. It never hurts to give patience and understanding even though you've received the short end of the stick. A kind-hearted motorist named

Junior New System advance to the next round of “America’s Got Talent”

In case you're not aware, there is another reason to celebrate our "Pinoy Pride" after the Filipino all-male dance group Junior New System advanced to the next round of the "America's Got Talent Season 13." In the first

Take a look into the life of Dindin Llarena now – the winner of Little Miss Philippines in Eat Bulaga!

Do you remember the Little Miss Philippines segment of Eat Bulaga! back in the 1990’s? Dindin Llarena was the winner of the beauty contest and this is her life now!

Manny Pacquiao grants cash, job, house and lot, and scholarship to ice cream vendor

It’s not surprising for the boxing champ Manny Pacquiao to have a heart for the needy. He himself wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Yet, after all his achievements and major contributions

This teen mom became a proud parent after her son graduated with honors and awards

It's no secret that teen pregnancy is among the most rampant issues in the present generation. Young women who get pregnant at an early age can certainly attest about the challenges they have encountered in

Julie Deane is a British mother who turned her satchel idea into a $65 M company

A mother only wants the best for her children. They would even give you the world if they could, as long as they see you happy, fed and safe. So when Julie Deane, a British

Jewel Mische is ecstatic to flaunt her baby bump

Actress Jewel Mische shows us her baby bump and narrates the wonders of her pregnancy journey.