11-year-old boy regularly attends school with his disabled younger brother

Tears flowed after "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" recently featured the life story of the Peralta siblings from Dagami, Leyte. See, Alexis is an 11-year-old student who is forced to bring his disabled younger brother, AJ,

Grade 3 boy takes care of his disabled brother while in class

Photos of a third grade boy taking care of his disabled brother while he was in class have gone viral on social media. Initially posted by a netizen named Cortes Santiago Phoebe, the boy can be

Twin sisters from Batangas graduate summa cum laude in accountancy!

With the school calendars shifting, Facebook graduation posts are flooding social media from all over. Likewise, social media users couldn't hide their admiration towards a mother who stepped onto the graduation stage not only once

44-year-old mom graduates alongside her two kids today

Parents usually accompany their children as proud witnesses of their hard work during graduation day. However, this time around, a mom attended her kids' commencement exercises not to be part of the audience. Instead, to

Kind-hearted men saved two kittens trapped underneath a concrete sewer

A group of kind-hearted men in Saraburi,Thailand worked together to save the lives of two kittens. The weak, exhausted felines were trapped under a concrete slab and had no way of getting them out. People

Dedicated father carries his disabled son and walks 18 miles to school everyday

Nothing could ever replace a father's love for his child. They will go through anything just to make sure their children get what they need. Working tirelessly for hours wouldn't be as taxing so long

A female passenger shares her experience with a good Grab Taxi diver

Success comes to those who voluntarily dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, as well as to be happy, it is important for a person to stay down-to-earth and keep on dreaming.

Then and Now: Life of April Boy Regino today!

Check out the latest update of Jukebox icon April Boy Regino!

Triplets graduate from Isabela State University with honors!

Three brothers from Cabagan, Isabela made their parents proud by graduating college with Latin honors. Yes, you heard that right. These amazing triplets overcame the odds of their status in life and successfully finished their studies.

UP-Visayas cum laude dedicates success to his brother with special needs

People who have siblings with special needs would surely admit that having one is both challenging and fulfilling at the same time. There are times wherein they need to sympathize with their sibling's struggles. And sometimes,

Limbless child changes the lives of her American adopted parents

Adrianne and Jason Stewart did not think twice about adopting a limbless Filipino orphan that soon changed their family’s lives.

Do-It-Yourself: How to build your own swimming pool

Have you ever imagined building your own swimming pool using your bare hands and no commercial materials? If so, you might want to check out this Do-It-Yourself YouTube video. Based on the 13-minute long video tutorial taken

Crew take in an infant left outside of a fast food chain in Imus

A group of employees working for a fast food chain in Imus became instant heroes after they took in an abandoned infant. In a Facebook post from Jessica Verano, one of the crew, it was known

“Gasoline Boy” shares his inspiring story on Facebook

Nothing can hinder a person, who has massive dreams, from achieving their aspirations in life. As what Coco Chanel, world-renowned fashion icon, and legend, once said: "If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent

Netizen goes viral on Facebook after posting love story

Letting go of the past really requires an ample amount of time and a strong will to forgive. As we all know, mending a broken heart is more than meets the eye — it affects our emotional

Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico went on a run to gather plastic wastes

For decades now, plastic pollution has been a problem for both our lands and seas. So to help fix the problem and shed a light on the alarming issue, "The Fat Kid Inside" creator, Erwan

Child genius Yasha Asley is already a math professor at the age of 13!

Ever wonder where child prodigies and geniuses go? Well, for math prodigy Yasha Asley, he’s currently teaching at his alma mater, University of Leicester. But unlike most professors, Yasha was only 13 years old when

This Pinay OFW sells “suman” and “malagkit” in Iraq to gain extra income

It is a common notion among Filipinos that once a person works abroad, he or she is already affluent. In truth, there are a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who are struggling financially in

Netizen reenacts her graduation ceremony for the sake of her lolo who failed to attend her graduation rite

Twitter-user Eunice Helera took traditional graduation rites to a new level when she decided to reenact her graduation rites for her grandfather. Based on the viral tweet of Helera, her 74-year-old "lolo" failed to attend her graduation rite at