This teen mom became a proud parent after her son graduated with honors and awards

It's no secret that teen pregnancy is among the most rampant issues in the present generation. Young women who get pregnant at an early age can certainly attest about the challenges they have encountered in

Julie Deane is a British mother who turned her satchel idea into a $65 M company

A mother only wants the best for her children. They would even give you the world if they could, as long as they see you happy, fed and safe. So when Julie Deane, a British

Jewel Mische is ecstatic to flaunt her baby bump

Actress Jewel Mische shows us her baby bump and narrates the wonders of her pregnancy journey.

Netizen receives praise for taking care of her ill grandmother

Last 2016, pictures of a young lady feeding and bathing her grandmother went viral on Facebook as users commend her for taking care of the old lady.

Transwoman proudly shares her transition story with shocking before-and-after photos of herself

All transition stories are beautiful, although the ones that captivate us the most are those we couldn't have imagined. For one, Arar Marie Quiambao may look like a typical female today, but she actually used to

College squad brings the portrait of their departed friend to graduation

The friendships you've found while you're in college are one of the strongest bonds to ever exist. While you begin that journey of self-discovery, these people will accompany you on that journey. It's safe to

Real-life Spiderman scales four-storey to save a young child

People walking along Paris' 18th arrondissement witnessed an intense, heart-racing sight as a young boy almost fell from his family's balcony. Daily Mail reported that the boy's parents were nowhere in sight during that time. While everyone

A netizen shares this photo of a cute taho vendor companion

This post from a netizen named Kobemar Vincent Gabilan made us curious about this kid around Luneta park.

Pawnshop security guard takes care of sick child while on-duty

No one loves like a parent. They would give everything they have, even the breath in their lungs, just to keep their child happy and safe. These people go to extreme measures for their child

High school student shared heartbreaking pictures of her sick mother

You can never fully understand the pain and sadness of losing a loved one if you haven't experienced it. Imagine having to realize that you're never going to see or hear them ever again. Although

Manny Pacquiao was the best thing that happened to this ice cream vendor yesterday

It was a normal day for an impoverished ice cream vendor in General Santos City, when he unexpectedly met Manny Pacquiao. You can say anything you want about his job as a Senator, but we all

Netizens reveals her fitness routine, the classical way

A netizen named Chang Tadano used to weight 65 kilograms, after 6 months she was able to lose 17kgs. How? Well, she hit the gym and sweat her way through it.

Groom gives a special, tear-jerking surprise to his bride at their wedding

While we want all the people in our lives to witness our big day, churches and other settings can only house so much. But, as for this groom from Warwickshire, UK, the saying "If there's

Filipina indigenous tribe member, Janelle Micaela Panganiban, graduates summa cum laude in NYU

Not once, not twice, and not even thrice have Filipinos showcased their talents and flairs in the international spotlight. We have the boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, the Broadway superstar Lea Salonga, 2015 Miss Universe Pia

A sick kid sings at a fast-food restaurant to buy his medicine

While most children have the freedom and privilege to enjoy their youth, there are some kids, usually the poverty-stricken ones, are forced to face the harsh reality of life.

Texan couple was shocked by this waitress’ kindness and generosity

Most of the time, the world feels so incredibly cruel, as if everyone no longer cares. But sometimes, kindness and generosity appears when we least expect it to happen. That is what this Texan couple

A retrospective look of the first ever shopping store of SM Supermalls

From the first ShoeMart store in Rizal Avenue, Manila founded back in 1958, to the massive SM Supermalls of today - this popular chain of shopping malls has their humble roots in a small shoe business. The SM

Lost an arm but never lost hope: Netizen shares her battle with Ewing sarcoma

Ewing sarcoma is a rare malignant type of cancer which affects the bones or soft tissues. It usually targets teenagers and young adults. It is caused by the genetic exchange of chromosomes in our body which can cause some cells to be cancerous.

“Walang pinaglihi sa masama”: These young street vendors’ words of wisdom will move you to tears

It was just a normal day for Sam Gold and his two friends to dine in at McDonald's, until they met a pair of young street vendors inside the fast food chain. It was such a

Heroic cop comforts two-year-old girl involved in a accident

It's always heartbreaking to hear about young families involved in serious accidents. No one deserves to have their lives negatively affected by such circumstances but such is the way of life. While driving along the