‘Kargador’ father inspired many after his daughter finished college

They say that the most important gift any parent can bestow to their children is the gift of education. Same goes for Mailyn Esquelito Akoy and her 'kargador' father Tumagantang "Tammy" Akoy. Mailyn wasn't raised in

Earnest father worked as garbage collector for years to send children to school

Father's Day draws near - a special holiday for the hard-working man in your lives. While some of us whine about getting up in the morning and going to school, there are parents out there

Netizen narrates the secret pregnancy of her 16-year-old sister

Based on the narrative taken from Facebook, this female social media user shared her teenager sister’s secret pregnancy and how she gave birth without their family knowing it.

Read how this family gave a single father the best gift on Mother’s Day

A viral story narrates how this single dad got the best gift for Mother’s Day.

A proud father publishes an open letter to fellow men on Facebook

To be parents, sometimes, need to sacrifice their own personal needs and desires just to provide for the needs of their children. As we all know, the journey towards parenthood is not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

A married couple shares their experience on how they saved their premature baby

Married couple Mike Curwood and Briony Curwood had it all – a smooth-sailing and steady romantic relationship, perfectly stable respective careers, and an incoming child on the way. Until one day it changed because of a disheartening announcement.

A envious driver has a change of heart after hearing the story of this rich man

Parents will do anything come hell or high water just to provide a better future for their children. While there is really nothing wrong with this reason, some parents neglect to spend time with their

The wonderful and humble encounter between a janitor and a rich man

People are people. No matter what the color of their skin is or the number of zeroes on their paycheck, let's remember to treat each other with kindness. Sadly, this reminder gets quickly forgotten. The

#GoodCop: A Filipino policeman purchases school supplies for little kid

Policemen play an important role in keeping the peace and order in society. Moreover, a policeman is usually assigned as the law enforcement in a particular location. So, therefore, they are expected to respond to a

Honest taxi driver returns PHP 2M left behind by a Chinese national in his vehicle

How would you react if you stumbled upon millions of pesos with no one around? Some would easily bring it home and claim it as their own. It's not easy to live in such an

Netizen commends Jollibee branch near Bureau of Immigration for being animal lovers

The rainy season has done a fantastic job of pushing some Filipinos to sadness. There's something about the dark clouds and the sound of rain that seems melancholic. However, uplifting moments are always around the

Young boy crippled since birth had the best birthday gift of his life

Although fictional, this short story about a crippled boy named Nathan and his good friend, Niko, is a reminder to always keep faith, hope, and love alive within us.

Get to know JV Solomon, the man who travels the country by wheelchair

Most of us have dreamed of running away and embarking on months-long journey touring around the country. Unfortunately, life always seems to get in the way. Well, not for JV Solomon. JV, whose real name is Jonald

Chinese migrant worker spends hours at a subway just to use free Wi-Fi

Indeed, working away from your family is a really a challenging situation. In fact, mending agonizing homesickness definitely requires unimaginable sacrifices and efforts. Case in point — you might want to check this Chinese migrant worker

“Lucky woman” of Sorsogon misses the last number of Super Lotto 6/49

There's no denying, most of us dream of winning the lotto jackpot in our lifetime. After all, it is the quickest way to get instant millions in just a short period of time. However, we

Mother Heather Duckworth reminisces on blue carpet stain

Any mess would bring frustration to any mother. A crayon drawing of a six-legged dog on the wall; sn empty peanut butter jar used as a lotion; spilled milk on the on the floor and so

Homeless elderly man braves heavy rain, asks Mefenamic from concern netizen

These past few days, Metro Manila and nearby areas experienced heavy rains with strong winds. Under those circumstances, it is heartbreaking to know that there are people who are braving the heavy downpour, simply because they are homeless.

Grab Driver with Tourette Syndrome gains commendation from netizens

Most commuters don't call an Uber, Taxi or Grab driver expecting anything more than a ride to their desired destination. However, Facebook-user Mimi Velasquez had a memorable experience when she rode in a Grab car with a

Jarel Barcelona Tadio is a proud kasambahay and a proud Magna Cum Laude

“A dream is a vision of a possibility which requires a driven mind and a resilient heart to turn such dream into a reality.” That was taken from the viral Facebook post by netizen Jarel Barcelona Tadio who was a

WHO IS THE SEXIEST: Find Out The Waistline Of Your Favorite Sexy Artists!

While most of us struggle with our never ending diets and saying no to certain foods, celebrities treat these things like it's part of their job. And well, it really is, in a way. As