Poor Boy With A Rich Heart Surprises Restaurant Owner With A Generous Act

One should never judge a book by its cover. This saying has been around for a very long time now. As a matter of fact, many generations have used this as a guide to live

Isang Amang Ipinakita Ang World Class Na Boses Para Lang Mailabas Ang Naka Sa Hospital

During a wedding ceremony, one of the most precious and meaningful parts is the time when the husband and wife are reciting their vows. The beautiful words used to create this vow form a very

‘Nakakaiyak!’ Morissette Amon, Inalayan Ng Isang Awitin Ang Ina Ni Marlo Mortel Nang Dumalaw Siya Sa Ospital

In recent news, the public found out about the health condition of Marlo Mortel's mother. As we know, Marlo is a singer slash actor who started his career back in 2011. He is best known

Halos Pandirihan Ng Mga Costumer Ang Pulubing Ito Ngunit Nanlaki Ang Mata Nila Nang Makita Ang Bagay Na Ito Na Pagmamay-ari Niya

Society gives a big bias on how we look and what impression we give out. It's so vital that most of the times it dictates how people would treat us, whether they would treat us

Isang Grupo Ng Estudyante, Nagviral Ngayon Matapos Nilang Gawin Ito Sa Lalaking Namamalimos

In our daily lives, we are used to depending on our phones every time we are bored. We usually scroll on our newsfeed to find interesting posts online. Sadly, we typically encounter rants, tragic News,

“Raffy Tulfo in Action” grants patient’s wish to go home to Surigao

A recent episode of "Raffy Tulfo in Action" has touched the hearts of netizens and viewers alike. On Monday, June 18, a 47-year-old man named William Fabio sought the help of Raffy Tulfo and his team for

69-year-old taho vendor worries netizens over health condition

As a Filipino, taho has to be one of my favorite treats growing up. I vividly remember waking up to the shouts of a taho vendor. My siblings and I would quickly run downstairs just to

Students raise money for janitor’s summer trip to Jamaica

Tears poured when a Bristol University student handed a school janitor named Herman Gordon an envelope containing £1,500. For 12 years now, Jamaican national Herman has been working as a janitor for Bristol University. Aside from sweeping the

UP Tacloban valedictorian surprises his mother on graduation day

Rosalina Limosnero bursts into tears as her son, Kim Limosnero, was named valedictorian of the University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College (UPVTC). Kim decided to keep his distinction as a secret, only revealing it on the

Ianne Gamboa shares about her life as a transgender woman

The Philippines is a very conservative country that still observes plenty of traditional beliefs. Since we are predominantly Catholic, there are modern ideas many still can't grasp yet. The fluidity of gender is one of

Teacher uses QR codes as an efficient and tech-savvy way to check his class’ attendance

If you ask us, we'd be hesitant to live in a world without technology. All of the advancements we've enjoyed so far have made life easier, more convenient, and run more smoothly. The developments are

Netizen captures balut vendor’s first swimming experience in a pool

The past summer has been rather colorful for most of us. Obviously, our timelines were filled with bikini photos, seaside landscape shots, and even random pictures of feet on the sand. However, none of these compare

Student brilliantly prints his name on every yellow paper

It's officially back to school for most students in the country. Which means parents will soon kiss their fat wallets goodbye. From the eye-popping tuition to the long-list of school supplies that need to be

Limbless beggar touches the hearts of many Facebook users

People often complain about the small stuff. We're too busy focusing on the negative and forget to feel grateful for the things we have. We see every problem as mountains too difficult to move that

Tragic story of Tatay Alfredo Manuel: Hopeful teacher turned scavenger

Life can be so cruel at times. More often than not, plenty of childhood dreams can fall right out of the sky despite our best efforts to pursue them. A couple of years ago, we

WATCH: Mang Amor, the hardworking ice cream vendor of Isabella

As a third world country, poverty remains a prevalent issue in the Philippines. Many people live on way less than what they need. That is why the Filipino head of the family often works their

Mission Possible extends help to honest garbage collector of Bulacan

Once again, Kapamilya show "Mission Possible" has offered us another inspiring story of an ordinary man who managed to make his wild and seemingly unachievable goals into reality. On the June 25 episode of the public

Passengers heroically save their bus driver and fellow riders from what could’ve been a fatal car accident

You never know what can happen while driving on the road. Despite being prepared, serious situations can suddenly spring up and take you by surprise. Your immediate decisions and reactions can be the only thing

Student who worked as a “kasambahay” graduates college with honors

A student proudly shared that he graduated college with flying colors because of being a “kasambahay”

Dyslexic teenager uses ASL knowledge to calm a deaf and blind airplane passenger

There's nothing that grinds our gears more than nightmare flights. Who wants to be stuck thousands of feet in the air with a wailing baby? However, there are moments when anxious passengers genuinely need help