Student who got suspended surprises family with graduation announcement

Hardworking parents and guardians have long since waited for their child's graduation. This is because of the belief that education is the most precious gift that a parent can give to his/her child. It is a

This talented old man sang and played the piano in front of these amazed mall-goers

Talent never goes away - no matter how old you get. Once you find and cultivate a talent, it will never leave you. To prove this point, here is a musically-inclined old man who became

Bullied teen grew up to have confidence and self-esteem through meditation

Having to go through years of trauma and fear because of a nasty bully isn't easy to overcome. It takes a mental toll on the victim and the emotional scars can manifest even as they

#PinoyPride: A Filipina graduates with flying colors at Wharton School

A Filipina named Lara Andrea Montales gave us another reason to celebrate our being Pinoy after graduating summa cum laude from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States.  In a news report from the Manila Bulletin, the 21-year-old

Watch this father’s tear-jerking message to his son-in-law

If I were you, I'd ready my tissue. You'll need one after you burst into tears as you watch this father's heartfelt message to the newly-wed couple. The internet was left weeping after a Taiwanese father

How one McDonanald’s meal treated us to an inspiring father-daughter moment

There's no one in this world that can match our parents' love. They will always be the people who exhibit unconditional love towards us despite our shortcomings. When we are lacking, our parents will find

Photos of Meghan Markle 22 years ago reveals she’s born to be royal

The royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just recently tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony at St. George's Chapel in England. Although its just been days, a photo of the Duchess of Sussex from 22 years

Woman reunites with buried baby boy she rescued 20 years later

One fine day back in 1998, Azita Milanian went out with her dog to jog in a hiking trail located in Altadena, California. It was a perfect day to go out and jog. That is

Boyfriend pulls off unique proposal with help from a hostage taker

Looking for the right one to marry has never been that easy, so is thinking of a unique proposal. They say that forever starts with getting down in one knee, so it has to be

Couple welcomes five babies after gf struggles to get pregnant

Couple Jamie and Skyler Scott married last 2004 and they are blessed with two sons, Shayden and Landon. Years later, the Scott couple thought they wanted another addition to their family. Therefore, for years they tried

Young man saves his last dance for this shy girl on their prom night

For every student, prom night is a moment that completes the high school experience. However, some also dread it, particularly people who have issues with their physical appearance. Nevertheless, during their prom night on February 14,

Man creates a large heart-shaped forest as a tribute to his late wife

The magical love story of Winston Howes and his wife Janet started with love at first sight. Just like any romantic couple, their intimacy towards each other grew stronger each passing day. That is why,

Loving owner of loyal dog makes beautiful tribute to send him off

When photographer Ben Moon suffered from a serious medical condition, his dog Denali never left his side. When it was Denali’s time to go through hard times, Moon did the same. Sadly, the loyal dog didn’t make it..

No Jeepney for old prof: PUP prof shunned by a jeepney driver

Sir Madridejos, a professor of physics at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines was shunned by a jeepney driver for his appearance.

Overweight man proves that a big heart outweighs good looks

Looks play a big role in today’s dating world. But for the overweight Kudi and his wife Puwadol, love doesn’t revolve around outward appearances.

Meet Mark Ty, a visual artist who created the miniature Badjao houses

In ancient times, a small group of nomadic people decided to gather in the coastal area of Southeast Asia. With the main purpose to start a new civilization, they prospered and became a band of

Netizens praise a single mother who adopted two Aeta kids

It's unfortunate that the world is plagued by war, poverty, and corruption. We've constantly been devastated by news of injustice and it's getting harder to keep a positive outlook in life. Thankfully, there are stories

A construction worker gets rejected twice; 10 years later he becomes a boss

Most parents tend to criticize the lover of their child. After all, they can't help but assess the lover in terms of educational attainment, current job, etc. However, a man named Micheal proved to us that

IN PHOTOS: Geoff Eigenmann totally rocks being a father to 8-month-old Arabella Simone

In September last year, Arabella Simone came into the lives of Geoff Eigenmann and Angelie Mae Flores, also known as the singer Maya. Being first time parents, it could not have been easy for both Geoff

Incredible story: From “Hi, Kuya Guard” to “good morning, sir!”

It is never too late for someone to reach their dreams, and former security guard Erwin Macua proved just that. He will no longer be stationed in the school's gate as he will now spend hours by