Netizen shares her weight-loss water diet

There are plenty of suggested or recommended ways in order to achieve that slim fit body. Most of them are tried and tested. But which one of them will you try? One netizen posted in Facebook

LDR Filipino and Lithuanian couple shares their sweet meeting for the first time

There's no doubt that every one of us only wants to love and be loved by someone. That's why we do our best to keep our relationships healthy and to make sure that we take

Jolina Magdangal sheds tears after hearing her driver’s sacrifices for her

In a special episode of the morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” last Tuesday, November 6, the Kapamilya star Jolina Magdangal who’s also one of the hosts of the show, started to shed some tears. One

A number of people were impressed by Miss Consolacions Answer in the Q&A Portion of the show

Miss Consolacion 2018 may not be as big of a stage as it is with other beauty pageants. It is nothing compared to Binibining Pilipinas, Miss Earth and nowhere close to Miss Universe. That is

Joel Cruz’s Victorian-Themed Mansion in Tagaytay

One of the fruits of Joel Cruz’s success is his mansion in Canyon Woods, Tagaytay City. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at his home. READ MORE FROM OUR WEBSITE: Joel Cruz Brings Nannies Of

Man found his way back home using Google Earth after being lost for more than two decades

Remember when Google Earth Street View first becomes a hit in the Philippines? We are all so amazed to see the street view of the place where we live in and even amazed to see

Man tickles his wife to teach her a lesson

What do you do if someone disobeys your orders? As I have experienced it myself, it is heartbreaking to know that I have no authority over my juniors. The moment I told them not to run

Take a look at the simple life of Miss Asia Pacific Int’l 2018 Sharifa Akeel

Recently, the crowned Miss Asia Pacific international 2018 Sharifa Akeel earned the admiration of the public not solely because of her beauty, but her simplicity which stood out the most. During her homecoming, several photos

Check out how this hardworking student wows the public with her dedication to study

There's no doubt that advanced technology has made our lives way easier. Because of its efficiency, we can easily do our tasks in no time. But even though some of us have been surrounded by

Mader Sitang Gave Children Early Christmas Gift

For many people, he internet is a technological book where you can see everything you haven’t seen before. It is like a cave of wonders where people get instantly famous if there is something unique

Kind strangers fulfilled their promise of celebrating an old man’s birthday

Nowadays, we live in a society full of judgmental people. Let’s be honest, many had easily judge others by their appearance. Due to this, many have developed this mindset that all people with shabby clothes

Netizen Shares Video Of Many Dolphins Visiting Oriental Mindoro

Our oceans and seas have an abundant set of marine lives. We are blessed to have these creatures and his natural resources because they do not just help our local fishermen but they also help

Good samaritan buys milk and food for a poor man’s family

Let’s be honest, it is really hard to trust strangers on the street, especially when they are asking you for some money. In our minds, we think that the sad stories they told are only

12-Year Old Kid Sings Her Version Of ‘Perfect’, Leaves Pink Speechless And In Tears

Concerts are such an energetic place to be in. With the hyped crowd, and the all out performance by the artist, there is no denying that concerts are one of the best places to pick

WATCH: Touching Marriage Proposal Goes Viral On Social Media!

Several videos of wedding proposals have been popping up all over social media lately – and going viral as well – showing the lengths people will go to just to show how much they love

Filipina blind Singer Has An Angelic Voice

Filipinos are known to be one of the best singers in the world. There is Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda, Jake Zyrus and many more. Filipinos are always fond of singing and it is one of

Isang Babae, Pinormahan Ni Jollibee Pero Ito Ang Ginawa Ng Isang Kilalang Personalidad Sa Social Media Na Nagviral Ngayon

A chunk of the Philippine population would be aware of Kimpoy Feliciano's bae status. With his boy next door appeal made evident in his vlogs, social media presence and singing career, it's pretty easy to

Shocking Video of A Woman Who Almost Got Run Over By A Car

Driving your own vehicle is not a piece of cake. It's true that the convenience at the tip of your fingers can save you so much time and effort in commuting and the comfort is

WATCH: Guy Creates Makeshift Gym Equipment With Clay and Sticks in This Amazing Video

Being fit is an important aspect of life. Many health scientists and nutritionists have attested to the importance of working out and going to the gym. But what if we don’t have enough budget to

Watch Woman With No Limbs Live Normally, Takes Care Of Her Child In This Inspiring Video

Some people are called differently abled because they lack some things that most of us have. However, despite the shortage of some body parts, they are able to cope and adapt to their surroundings and