Well-Known Water Vendor From Cebu Proves That Poverty Is Never An Excuse To Reach Your Goals!

Well-Known Water Vendor From Cebu Proves That Poverty Is Never An Excuse To Reach Your Goals!


Jay Kummer (better known as Dodoy Tubig ng Cebu) is something of a local celebrity in Cebu. His cheerful smile, fierce dance steps, and fabulous colorful hats have been the talk of netizens.

Well-Known Water Vendor From Cebu Proves There Are Limits to Education and Success!

Usually, people can see him selling refreshments like bottled water and tea drinks.  He may be from a poor family but his charm has won people all over.

Now, netizens are applauding Dodoy “ang tubig ng Cebu” for something other than his outrageous and vibrant personality. 

As it turns out, Dodoy has graduated from the University of Cebu, obtaining a diploma for a major in Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED)

Netizens familiar with ‘The Queen of the Road’ have congratulated him, expressing their support for the water vendor’s new journey as a career educator. 

Some of the comments were:

Jan Axel Cortes wrote: “This man truly deserves recognition. We might be judgemental at [sic] first time we saw him, but what he has become now is an inspiration to us all and will always be. Congratulations and welcome soon to teaching profession. If I am a principal on the time you apply, I will surely hire you without further ado. Kudos!”

Gwapita Amiga wrote: “Congratulations we're all happy seeing you a good one example of all teenagers students/as a successful, despite for [sic] the trials but you still fighting for it to achieved what you been dreamed of .. I know your a good teacher keep it up DDodoy Sumanting Teberio”

Congratulations Dodoy! You deserve your success! 

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Source: TNP , Facebook


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