The story of this Thai couple shows the meaning of true love

The story of this Thai couple shows the meaning of true love

As we all know, true love never asks to hide. All the physical flaws, hidden scars, and inner demons are all nothing when true love manages to win. Here to inspire many people, a romantic couple from Thailand, Boonmee Khanthong and Phatsara Obnak, share their story on how they found true love with each other.

In a viral Facebook post, their friend Pu Aramboy took and shared their wedding images on social media. This was on their wedding day on April 15. Following their story, the romantic couple immediately captured the attention of netizens.

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Fair enough, netizens pointed out the massive physical difference between the groom and the bride. In a report from Thai News Agency, Boonmee Khanthong had a distorted face caused by broken capillaries. During his younger days, his family looked for any sort of medical treatment in Bangkok, Thailand. Luckily, they found one but failed to complete it due to financial problems.

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Being cursed with an unusual physical appearance, people in his village thought that he will never experience any romance. But, he disproved them when he met Phatsara Obnak in Hat Yai City. 

Since then, romance started to grow bigger and deeper that resulted in a wedding.

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Source: Manila Flash

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