This teen mom became a proud parent after her son graduated with honors and awards

This teen mom became a proud parent after her son graduated with honors and awards

It’s no secret that teen pregnancy is among the most rampant issues in the present generation. Young women who get pregnant at an early age can certainly attest about the challenges they have encountered in the past. Nevertheless, despite being ridiculed by the people around them, these teen mothers tend to ignore criticisms by simply focusing on their children. Hoping that someday, their sons and daughters will not experience the same fate that they’ve experienced in the past. This is the exact situation of a certain teen mom named Lhen Rustria – who is now trying to inspire other early mothers to be responsible for their actions.

Like any other teen mom, Lhen also received disapproving and dismissive remarks from the people around her. On the account that she shared with online site KAMI, Lhen revealed that she was only 16-years-old and a graduating student when she found out that she was pregnant.

At first, a lot of things came across her mind. Common questions such as:

“Kaya ko ba? Paano na? Anong gagawin ko? Aanong sasabihin nila? Ano na? Etc.”

Despite her doubts and fears, Lhen proudly shared that she never considered terminating her pregnancy.

“Kahit alam kong malaking responsibilidad ang pagiging isang ina, pinili ko pa ring ipagpatuloy ang buhay. Its a child, not a choice. Blessing yun eh!”

Lhen recounted that the first time she heard her son cry, she already knew that she is the most blessed person in the world. She said that her bundle of joy was the source of her happiness and inspiration.

“Nagkaroon nang direksyon ang buhay ko dahil sa kanya.”

After Lhen and her boyfriend for three years broke up, the solo parent strived hard to raise her son. Amidst the fact that she is already a mother, Lhen still pursued her studies. She managed to finish highschool.

Moreover, she may have failed in her past relationship, but Lhen never closed her heart. Presently, she is now happy with her present partner and they are both doting parents to their two children.

Lhen’s firsborn is now five years old while her youngest is nine-months-old.

A firm believer that God won’t give her a problem that she cannot solve, Lhen remains steadfast in life by being a good mother to her children who constantly make her proud. Recently her five-year-old son graduated in Kindergarten and topped their class!

“Napakaswerte kong tao dahil yung batang dinadala ko sa aking sinapupunan dati makikita ko sa stage na ggraduate ng kinder. Hindi lang basta ggraduate.Dahil isa sya sa pinakamahusay sa klase. Napakarami nyang award at sobrang proud ma proud ako sa kanya. Wala na atang mas sasaya pa sa isang magulang na nakitang may naaachieve ang kanyang anak.”

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