Student who worked as a “kasambahay” graduates college with honors

Student who worked as a “kasambahay” graduates college with honors

Most parents would say that education is the greatest gift they could give their children. Sadly, not all parents are blessed with wealth and fortune to send their child to school. This is the story of Jarel Barcelona Tadio, a student who was proud to say that he graduated college without having the need to bother his parents.

Although studying is already quite hard, being a working student would definitely be much more difficult. Imagine what Jarel had to go through just so he could fulfill his dreams of graduating college in order to help out his parents with their financial needs. But he didn’t just get an ordinary 8 to 5 job. In fact, he decided to work as a house helper or “kasambahay,” which meant he worked round the clock whenever his employers would need his services.

In order to get to where he is right now, Jarel went through a lot of realizations as he was growing up.

When he was still a kid, some of his friends asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. At that time, he wasn’t really able to answer the question since he knew in his heart that his parents won’t be able to afford sending him to school. But because his dream for himself and his family was so strong, he persevered and thought of getting a job so that he could afford to pay for his tuition fee.

According to Jarel’s Facebook post, all his hard work paid off in the end which is why the lack of sleep and the difficulty of his job was all worth it.

To quote what the hardworking student said, “A dream is a vision of a possibility which requires a driven mind and a resilient heart to turn such dream into a reality.”

Indeed, his mind and heart were driven enough to reach for his dream.

Congratulations Jarel and may you continue to inspire others to never stop reaching for their goals!

Source: facebookpilipinoscoop


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