Isang Lalaking 5 Years Nang ‘Di Nakikita Ang Magulang Nagpanggap Na Crew Para Surpresahin Ito

Isang Lalaking 5 Years Nang ‘Di Nakikita Ang Magulang Nagpanggap Na Crew Para Surpresahin Ito

Longingness and homesickness. Perhaps these are the closest adjectives that we could say when we are away from our family, especially to our ever-loving parents. As we all know, being away from them is no joke. It is not desirable and easy. This is the reason why most of us would do anything just to see them. Just take a look at this son as an example.

Recently, a netizen named John Tingcang Casping uploaded a viral video on Facebook. It showed how he surprised his parents whom he missed so much. According to him, he never got a chance to see them for five long years.

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Before John personally saw his dear parents, he first planned a very swoon-worthy surprise gesture for them. This is what happened!

As seen in the uploaded footage, you can see his parents sitting still in the corner of a fast-food restaurant. While they were waiting for their meal order, a fast-food crew suddenly approached them to give their food.

However, little did they know, the man who delivered their meal order was their son who disguised himself as a fast food crew. Although John was not wearing any uniform, John used a black face mask to hide his face.

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In the end, John slowly took off the black face mask that he was wearing during that time. At first, his parents did not notice him. But as soon as his mother looked up at him, they immediately recognized and hugged him so tight. They all broke down in tears.

Just to clarify the things in perspective, John explained the reason why it took him five years to see his parents personally. As seen in the comments section, John said that it was due to financial constraints. Instead of earning the money to buy a plane ticket, John chose to send the money to them right away.

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Here are the reactions from the netizens:

Watch the footage below:


Source: Facebook

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