Shocking Video of A Woman Who Almost Got Run Over By A Car

Shocking Video of A Woman Who Almost Got Run Over By A Car

Driving your own vehicle is not a piece of cake. It’s true that the convenience at the tip of your fingers can save you so much time and effort in commuting and the comfort is topnotch. But there are a lot of downsides to this. Aside from the amount of work you have to put in to maintain your car, there is also the fact that you have to sit in traffic for at least 2 hours a day, if you’re lucky.

We are also familiar of situations where the temper of some drivers causes road commotion. Have you ever experienced, or watched someone go through this while on the road? This is characterized by an aggressive behavior from motorists exhibits while on the road, commonly against another fellow motorist. This may be triggered by many factors.

One of the most common factor is the horrendous traffic drivers have to tolerate every single day. Sitting in the driver’s seat in extreme heat and waiting for the cars to move will definitely test the patience you have left in you. And sometimes, there are some drivers who are just rude and inexperienced that they cause so much inconvenience to others. When the tension between vehicle drivers escalates into a heated argument, most of the time, behaving violently on the road can happen.

In a viral video with thousands of shares and hundreds of comments, a car was seen carelessly driving around the block, almost hitting a lady on the way. Although the CCTV video has no sound, it was obvious that this rude act ticked off the lady.

She then quickly got into her own car, and from the looks of it she wants to follow the previous car who almost hit her. With the video zooming back and forth from the two cars, what happens next will shock you.
Instead of stopping to talk to the driver of the car that almost hit her, the lady revved her vehicle’s engine and hit the back of the black car. It is totally an irrational behavior, but that’s what happens when your temper gets the best of you, right? The lady didn’t think twice and just let the previous car owner have a piece of her mind.

The comments section was swarming with both positive and disapproving reactions to the video.

“Pareho sila wag gayahin. Di dapat bigyan ng driving license mga ganyan.”
“Kung mayaman ako ganyan din gagawin ko xempre my insurance nman ung sasakyan kukuha nlang ako ng tao para mag asikaso.. Hahaha”
“Oo praning si ate, pero sana kung may tao, mgpatawid nlng muna, haha iba trip ni ate. ”
“naghiganti man si ate sya parin ang gagastos..inaksaya nya lang oras at pera nya..”

watch video here:

What do you think of the video? Do you approve of what the woman did?


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