A female netizen shares the importance of self-worth and self-acceptance

A female netizen shares the importance of self-worth and self-acceptance

In the past, women who already has kids were undesirable. Therefore, making them the least preferred by most men. Fast forward today, it seems like this negative preconceived notion is eventually changing. Case in point — you might want to check out an inspirational woman named Joanne Gonzales-Tagros. In her viral Facebook post, she wrote a striking statement for her fellow women about the importance of self-worth, self-acceptance, and the advantage of waiting for true love. As of now, she is happily married to a military officer.

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Unbeknowst to many of us, Joanne Gonzales-Tagros was a single mother to two children. According to her, people used to judge her for the mistakes she made in the past. But, one day, she met a man who looked beyond all her flaws.

“I was a single mother with 2 treasures when Norman met me, and while he was single and a fine young military officer, he didn’t hesitate to court me and ask my hands for marriage.”


Completely attracted to her for more than her physical beauty, the man decided without hesitation to court her and eventually asked for her hand in marriage.

“People may judge you for your past experiences, for your life’s decisions and mistakes, but there will always be that someone who will accept you and love you for who you really are.”

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In her other trending post, she gave important advice to her fellow women. According to her, self-worth and self-acceptance should come first before committing to any romantic relationship.

“My advice to all ladies out there, don’t settle for anything less, someone out there is willing to do everything for you, willing to follow you to the ends of the earth, willing to love you and only you, and willing to sacrifice everything just to keep you.”


She even emphasized that all women shouldn’t settle for anything less and they shouldn’t allow any man to treat them like a piece of trash.

“Don’t let any man treat you like a rag or trash because you are a Princess and you are priceless. If he can’t treat you like a Queen then his love for you is not enough.”

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