Pitiful man who lives in run-down trailer receives kindness from pizza deliverers

Pitiful man who lives in run-down trailer receives kindness from pizza deliverers

One can never measure the pain that Lee Haase went through in life. He lost his home during a storm, whilst also losing his beloved son in a snowmobile accident at the same time. The pitiful man was left with nothing but a piercing pain in his heart.

Lee had no choice but to make a run-down trailer his new dwelling. It had no heating, water, electricity, or sewage outlet.  He had no money to mend his wrecked house either. Everything he worked hard for was all taken away by the devastating tempest.

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Until one day, an angel in disguise came to him. It was the lady from Domino’s where he used to buy pizza before his life faced crisis.

Angela Nguyen works for the pizza outlet, and Lee was among her regular customers back then. However, Lee’s orders stopped one day. The perplexing situation prompted Angela’s daughter, Sarah Hughes, also a pizza courier, find out about Lee’s whereabouts.

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Eventually, Sarah discovered that Lee was residing in a cramped camper. Angela then looked it up herself and was shocked by Lee’s deprived state. She showed deep concern for the pitiful man, but it did not stop there. The mother and daughter then set up a fundraising campaign for Lee.

“We got to do something. We can’t let a human being live like this.”

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People were moved by Lee’s state. In just a couple of months, they accumulated $ 32,360 (PHP 1.7 million). Sarah then surprised Lee with a brand new trailer, with complete amenities in it. Hence, Lee had nothing but good words for the mother and daughter’s genuine kindness.

“It’s so wonderful, I’m so grateful for the people doing this.”

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SOURCES: Newsner | Positive Outlooks Blog

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