WATCH: Grandma Tries To Coax Granpa After Telling Him to Leave

WATCH: Grandma Tries To Coax Granpa After Telling Him to Leave

Real love is unconditional. Even when a relationship isn’t perfect couples who love each other for real would always choose to stay and fight for their relationship. Just like this old couple who went viral on Facebook. In a viral video, an old man decided to sleep in their living room after a lover’s quarrel.

His wife then tried to convince him to go back to their room and rest but the old man refused. The cute video of the old couple was uploaded by Rizaldy Sangalang. As of writing, the video has already reached 5.9 million views.

In the video, the man taking the video told her to give her husband a hug. But instead of giving him one, she laughed and said:

“Dadaganan ko ‘to.”

Slowly she went near him and asked him what the problem was and why was he sleeping in the living room. The grouchy husband responded and said:

“Pinalalayas mo ko dun, sabi mo magagalit asawa mo.”

The wife laughed at her husband’s reaction and started talking to him.

Many of the netizens got entertained and found the couple very sweet. Some even said that they were hashtag relationship goals.

It’s always nice to see how long-term relationships turn out. During the first stages of a relationship, every argument feels intense and exhausting. But when you’ve been in a relationship for decades arguments start to feel like a fight between children. It’s less exhausting and it’s worry-free.

As much as we want to avoid confrontations in a relationship, we actually need them. It is something every couple must go through in order to get to know each other better. It’s also a way to balance each other out by knowing how one behaves on certain situations. It’s mostly psychological, but it works.

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Source: Patawaka

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