Newlyweds found out they were childhood sweethearts two decades ago

Newlyweds found out they were childhood sweethearts two decades ago

Throughout our lifetime, we meet a lot of people. Some of them only serve as a one-time encounter, but there are others who serve a bigger purpose. The people we meet all have roles in the grand scale of things, though we can’t see it yet. These newlyweds from London are the living testimony of the hands of fate.

Do you still remember the childhood sweetheart you met years ago? Take note of their faces, because you just might end up marrying them! This is what happened to these newlyweds who discovered that they actually crossed paths twenty years ago.

Their love story sounds like a cliche plot for a romantic movie, but it is actually a true-to-life story of Heidi and Ed Savitt. After tying the knot, the bride’s mom uncovered old family photos which revealed a shocking discovery. It turns out that the couple was former childhood sweethearts!

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In 1997, both of their families embarked on a week-long sailing vacation in Gumbet, Turkey. During that period, Heidi and Ed, who were both eight years old at that time, cultivated a friendship. As a souvenir, the childhood sweethearts even posed for several photos before parting ways.

Years went by and soon enough, the sailing vacation has been forgotten. However, little did they know that destiny will soon bring them together once again, this time for good. In 2011, Heidi and Ed met for the second time in college but with no recollection of their previous childhood memories.

Eventually, the two fell in love and married four years later. By this time, the newlyweds nor their family have yet rediscovered their past ties. It wasn’t two weeks later after the wedding when Heidi’s mom uncovered the dusty photos which showed the long-forgotten sailing trip.

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After finding out that her husband was her childhood sweetheart all along, Heidi couldn’t believe her luck. In an interview with Daily Mail, the bride claimed that their story is a proof of destiny:

“I didn’t believe in fate before finding that out but there’s no arguing with it – we’re clearly destined to be together!”

Even their families were equally surprised at this coincidence. After all, what are the odds that the two of them will be reuniting again? Even if it’s destiny or just pure luck, one thing is for sure: the newlyweds are truly meant for one another.

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