Netizen stands up against man’s unwanted advances on a bus

Netizen stands up against man’s unwanted advances on a bus

Receiving unwanted advances on public transportation, sadly, is no longer news in this country. However, this case is newsworthy for how the victim stood up for herself. In effect, she is now an inspiration to many others. As much as she experienced trauma, others are optimistic that we can put these corrupted individuals in their place.

According to the netizen, she knew something was fishy from the get-go. First of all, this man sat beside her. Despite the bus having many empty seats, that is. Next, the unwanted advances started when the man started smiling at her. In effect, this made her uncomfortable.


Luckily, the people inside the bus were helpful enough to help her corner the man. She then brought him to authorities and filed an actual complaint. Still, the suspect’s family launched intimidation tactics on her.


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However, our girl wouldn’t back down. See, she stood her ground and said she wanted the man to pay for the unwanted advances that made her uncomfortable. And no, she wasn’t talking about any financial reparations.


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This netizen said it all:


Now, the guy actually spent time in police custody, and could be looking at more penalties. In line with this, the proceedings are still rolling out for the case.


Still, many netizens are already calling it a success for the girl. Indeed, she was able to stand up for herself where many others would have just frozen in shock or fear. Take note, we are not saying girls are at fault for freezing in situations like this. Nevertheless, her courage is now inspiring many others and raising awareness on what should be done in similar situations.


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