Nakakapanlumo! Isang Aso Hinabol-Habol Pa Rin Ang Kaniyang Amo Matapos Siya Abandunahin Sa Kalsada

Nakakapanlumo! Isang Aso Hinabol-Habol Pa Rin Ang Kaniyang Amo Matapos Siya Abandunahin Sa Kalsada

There’s nothing more heartbreaking for a dog than to realize that its owner has already left.

We must face the fact that no matter how intelligent we think dogs are, they are still very much basic pets. Once they get accustomed with us, then they will cling on to us and depend on to us. There’s a reason why these dogs are domesticated, they’re not as free as their wild counterparts such as wolves and foxes.

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For those who have experienced having a pet, you very well know the feeling of the first time that you have had your pet with you. It’s the warm, ecstatic feeling of finally getting something you want to have. It’s like having a new friend, except that it’s an animal. We spend a lot of time with them. We train them to do tricks. We make sure that our pets would have comfortable lives.

Until we get too preoccupied with our own endeavors and with our own doings that we no longer have time for our pets. We just give them a pat when we arrive home. We give them just a little attention, when they have been used to getting a lot of attention for us.

Of course, for the dog, it can get quite confusing. This changes in pattern can be normal for us as human beings. But for dogs, with little understanding and who only sees instinctively, they would not understand what this means.

A heartbreaking video of a dog going after its owner, was uploaded in social media. A lot of netizens reacted and were saddened because of the video. The dog was earnestly and eagerly going after its owner. However, the owner dismissed it, and just left the dog on the streets.

Dogs are considered because a man’s best friend because of their faithfulness and loyalty. Once they pledge their allegiance to you, they will stick with you and will protect you at all costs. Dogs have proven that they are effective lifesavers and they are willing to risk their lives just for their masters.

We should put more importance to this dog who continues to become one of the most dependable pets here in the planet. We shouldn’t just dismiss them because we have been too busy with other things. No one wants to be neglected, and no one deserves to be hurt, not even our dogs.

Watch the video below:

Do you have a dog? What do you think about this video?

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