WATCH: Mystica, Emosyonal Na Nanawagan Kay Coco Martin Na Kunin Rin Siya Sa “Ang Probinsyano”

WATCH: Mystica, Emosyonal Na Nanawagan Kay Coco Martin Na Kunin Rin Siya Sa “Ang Probinsyano”

We all know that ABS-CBN‘s show “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsyano” has been one of the biggest things on primetime television for the past three years. Throughout its duration, fans have learned to love and follow the action-packed life of Cardo Dalisay. He is played of course by none other than the Primetime King himself, Coco Martin. Aside from all the action and adventure, the show is also known for another thing: its ability to revive the careers of washed out celebrities.

Coco Martin is the main reason behind these revivals. Basically, whoever Coco wants, Coco gets, and it has helped a lot of people throughout the years.

Recently, another celebrity who has been away from the spotlight took matters into her own hands to bring her career back to life. This is none other than the veteran performer, Mystica. If you do not remember, Mystica was a famous singer, dancer, and actor a few years back. She has had her own shining moments as a star in those years and certainly entertained the general audience very well.

        Lately, the star admitted that due to her personal problems, she had lost everything in her life. Ever since then, she has been struggling to get back on her feet. Because of this, she decided to call out Coco Martin to give her the chance to join the Ang Probinsayno family through a video that she posted online.


Apparently, Mystica is one of those people who heard about how already old celebrities Coco has helped in the past, like Whitney Tyson, whom Mystica was greatly associated with before. With all her strength, Mystica swallowed addressed Coco in her video. She admits that she regrets all of the bad decisions that she made in the past. Now, all she wants is another shot in her career, and in life. The tears could not be stopped from flowing down her face while doing this.



Netizens instantly saw this and shared their concern for the past celebrity. The post immediately went viral. As of now, Coco Martin has not released a statement. Hopefully, if all goes well, he, Mystica and the whole team of the show come to an agreement.

It is really nice to know that there are people in the world who are like Coco Martin. It is also great to see how people like Mystica owe up to her mistakes. Indeed she has faced the consequences and is trying her best to live a better life. Everyone truly deserves a second chance. We wish for nothing but the best to come out in this situation.

Watch the video here!


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